XBMC Kodi TV News: Court grants Subpoenas to Dish Network to reveal ZemTV, TVAddons operators

XBMC Kodi TV, kodi stream live TV, live TV kodi, Zem TV kodi News: Court grants Subpoenas to Dish Network to reveal ZemTV, TVAddons operators. A Texas court has granted several calls to Dish Network to identify operators behind the additional site of Kodi ZemTV and TVAddons.

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Dish Network does not know the complete identities of the defendants and therefore has asked the court to issue subpoenas to request information on the associated accounts of the alleged copyright infringer in different services such as Amazon, Facebook, Github, Google, Twitter And Paypal.

For example, the citation sent to Google required the search engine giant to distribute any type of information including IP address records with session date and time stamps as well as "all communications" as GChat messages from the year 2014.

Twitter, on the other hand, has also been asked to provide information related to the e-mail address [email protected]; @TV ADDONS and @ shani_08_kodi user names; And other accounts linked to the domains tvaddons.ag, tvaddons.org, and streamingboxes.com. The call also covers "all communications", such as tweets or direct messages received from each Twitter account from February 1, 2014, to the present.

Paypal has also been called up to present details of transactions including debits and credits to accounts. You are asked to provide information about any account with the credit card statement "Shani" or "Shani_08". Github has also been asked to provide information on the accounts linked to the domain tvaddons.ag. Amazon was also asked to submit the payment records and documents used to make or make changes to the accounts.

However, the service providers in question can still contest the subpoenas and ask the court for further clarification.

The series of Subpoenas came after Dish Network filed a lawsuit against ZemTV for directly infringing several of its television channels and TVAddons to distribute the disputed add-on. Also known as "Shani" and "Shani_08", the ZemTV operator is using the TVAddons platform to broadcast and share their service and look for donations at the same time.

Following the case filed, developer ZemTV "Shani" has closed its add-ons. And TVAddons also mysteriously disappeared last week, leaving their domain names unanswered after the DNS entries were deleted. Users attempting to access the site get a browser error message or redirected to a page on the domain name registrar of TVAddon Uniregistry.com.
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