Game Of Thrones Season 7: How to watch game of thrones in Australia

Game Of Thrones Season 7: Where to watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 in Australia. The wait is finally over: on July 17th, the seventh season of HBO's fantasy series, the game of thrones episodes, will be released worldwide. It promises to be the most action-packed season yet, with the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens and White Walkers marching into their penultimate finals. We have no idea who will survive and we can not wait to find out!

How to watch game of thrones in Australia

In Australia, the only "official" way of seeing game of thrones episodes at the same time as the United States is through Foxtel. However, there are some options available that do not require you to sign up for an expensive pay-TV subscription. In addition, Foxtel Now has new entry-level prices that coincide with the return of the fair. Here are all the ways to watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 in Australia.

Watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 on pay-TV

As we pointed out last year, only an idiot would sign up for Foxtel's $ 46 Drama Combo to see Game Of Thrones. While the company has finally removed the blocking contracts (yay!), It is still looking for a minimum of $ 92 for the full season plus an installation fee of $100. If you have no interest in the other content Foxtel pay TV, this is obviously a dumb road.

Game of Thrones on Foxtel now

Foxtel Now (formerly Foxtel Play) is Foxtel's on-demand streaming service. Previously, you had to spend at least $ 45 per month to access game of thrones episodes this way, which resulted in about $ 112 for the full season. Fortunately, the program is already available in the entry-level Pop pack for $ 15 a month. Because this season has a shorter episode count (seven instead of ten), you should be able to see everything for only $ 30. As an added bonus, it will also be streamed in HD for the first time (though 720p).

Update: For a limited time, Foxtel is providing new customers with a free three-month pass to Foxtel Now Pop - which means you can watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 for free.

Game of Thrones on HBO now

HBO Now is a Netflix-style streaming service that is not currently available in Australia. However, it is technically possible to cheat your way of using an Apple TV media player, a VPN service and a fake US iTunes account.

The service comes with a free 30-day trial and then costs $ 14.99 per month. Just keep in mind that the legalities of geo-blocking circumvention are a bit murky.

Game Of Thrones in iTunes / Google Play

Foxtel's exclusive rights to Game Of Thrones only last during the season. After that, it will be available to rent or buy digitally from Google Play and iTunes. If the price is the same as last year, you can expect to pay $ 27.99 for the full season in standard definition, or $32.99 in high definition.

The disadvantage of this method is that you will have to wait until the final air episode. On the plus side, you can then binge the whole thing all at once and have (plus or minus) permanent copies.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 on DVD / Blu-ray

They say the physical media is dead - we ask them to differ. The Game Of Thrones Blu-ray release always has an excellent transfer, offering the best audio and video quality in the market. In addition, you will get exclusive special features and a small package to put it on your shelf. The only drawback is the wait: you're looking around ten months after the final air episode, which is a long time to avoid spoilers!

Game Of Thrones on Torrents

Rest assured that each episode of Game Of Thrones will appear in imitation of The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and several pirated sites in streaming. You can not stop the spread of torrents: for every site that is knocked off-line or banned by the government, two seem to emerge instead. And like Jon Snow, they often refuse to stay dead.

Access to Game Of Thrones in this way obviously is not legal, but we suspect that is what most non-Foxtel customers will end up doing. Many will justify the decision to buy the Blu-ray at a later date or complain that the availability options are too limited. (This is an unconvincing argument when you consider that most other markets are in the same boat, for example, if you want the game of thrones episodes in the United States, you must subscribe to HBO, it is no different than the situation of Australia in Foxtel).

With Foxtel and HBO stepping up the war on piracy - and our own government blocking websites at the behest of rights holders - you can expect your misbegotten downloads to be scrutinised more than ever.
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