Light in the Box offer Xiaomi Quad-Core 4K TV Box For Less than $60

Get best android tv player Xiaomi quad-core 4K TV box for less than $60! Light in the Box is back with another amazing deal today and YOU can own this TV box for under $60. In fact, it's over 60% off! So what is a TV box, you ask? Well, think about a Chromecast but much more advanced. It connects to this bad guy on the HDMI input and on a power supply and it is open to a world of media.

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best android tv player Xiaomi tv box 3 enhanced

The Xiaomi TV Box runs on Android and has a quad-core processor. This means you can run applications from the app store! You can download things like Netflix, watch ESPN, Hulu and more to stream your favourite media from the box directly to your TV. And, if your application supports it, it can stream HDR content, which means the video looks even more amazing. Seriously, once you go HDR, you never want to go back.

Almost everyone who has a 4K TV has a smart TV. They are basically intertwined at this point. So why do you want one of these? Because it runs Android. Seriously, count how long it takes to receive updates on your Android updates compared to your TV apps. Manufacturers do not make money by updating apps you already have on your TV, but when you're using Android as an operating system, updates are constantly being streamed. That means bug fixes and new features without buying a new TV.

So, if you are interested, go to Light in the Box today and take one while it's on sale. Right now it's priced at $ 56.39, down from $ 149.99, representing a 62% savings. A very good deal!
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