Dish vs DirectTV Which Satellite TV Service You Should Choose Compare Dish to Directv

Dish vs DirectTV Which Satellite TV Service You Should Choose Compare Dish to Directv.

Dish Network vs DirecTV: What satellite TV service wins? Although consumers are increasingly cutting the cable and opting for streaming services, there are many others who still prefer the satellite TV service. And in that space, there are two great players: Dish and DirecTV.

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DirecTV or dish, compare dish to DirecTVv

Of course, both Dish and DirecTV argue that they have the best service, most channels and the best content. And both claim additional rights, such as high-end DVRs or streaming.
But instead of taking your word for it, we have compared both services head-to-head to decide once and for all that the satellite TV provider is actually better.

Channels and packages


DirecTV, now owned by AT&T, offers a number of packages to consider. And they all offer different options.

Here is a breakdown of DirecTV Packaging:

1. Select All: 150+ channels from $50 per month.

2. Entertainment All: 155+ channels at $55 per month.

3. All option: 185+ channels at $60 per month.

4. Xtra all: 230+ channels at $70 per month.

5. Ultimate All: 245+ channels at $75 per month.

6. Premier All: 325+ channels at $125 per month.

It is important to keep in mind that these packages are based on commitments of 24 months. And the price is good for 12 months. Your second-year price will jump to $90 per month to $187 per month, depending on which plan you choose. Please note that this price includes the monthly equipment fees, including the fee you pay for your DVR.

Dish Network

Like DirecTV, Dish offers a wide variety of package options that vary by price and number of channels. Here's a look at Dish pricing options:

1. Top 20 of America: 190 channels at $50 per month.

2. The best 120+ in America: 190+ channels at $60 per month.

3. The best 200+ in America: 240+ channels at $70 per month.

4. America's Top 250: 290+ channels at $80 per month.

Again, there is more to what is seen here. All options come with a free Amazon Echo Dot (a $50 value) as well as access to NFL RedZone and NFL Network for a limited time. Prices are guaranteed for two years on a two-year contract but will jump to between $70 per month and $95 per month after the introductory period.

Winner Dish. While it may not have as many channels as DirecTV on top of the range, its price is much better and is available for two years instead of one.

Exclusive services


The biggest exclusive of DirecTV and a big advantage over Dish is NFL Sunday Ticket. With that service, which costs $281.94 per season, you can watch every game in the NFL from the comfort of your home. It will also work on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or game console. DirecTV's Sunday Ticket option also includes Fantasy Zone and the Red Zone Channel.

Also, the great advantage of DirecTV is your AT&T relationship. If you are already a holder of an unlimited AT & T plan, for example, you can save $25 on your monthly bill by adding it to DirecTV.

In addition, AT & T has launched a streaming service, called DirecTV Now, which allows you to access live and on-demand content. You do not even need to be a DirecTV customer to access the content of that service, but we do not like DirecTV Now in our review.


Dish does not have NFL Sunday Ticket but has some of the most attractive DVR technologies on the market.

The main of these technologies is the Hopper 3. The DVR allows you to watch and record up to 16 programs at the same time, doubling the DVR technology you would find on DirecTV.

Hopper 3 also comes with a remote location feature and can be used with your voice to create commands using Amazon Alexa.

But arguably, the most impressive feature is the ability to automatically skip commercials at selective hourly selections. Just touch a button and you will be in the program.

It is also worth noting that Dish owns Sling TV, a streaming video service that allows you to access and watch live and on-demand programming. However, Dish does not offer special packages or packages with Sling television service included.

Winner: Draw. It all comes back to what you are looking for in a service. If you are more interested in soccer or are an AT & T customer, DirecTV is a better bet. But if you are a heavy user of DVR, Dish will be your best friend.

4K Content

Dish network

Dish offers a good list of 4K programming but does not actually list the titles it offers. Instead, the company simply offers 4K access from various sources, including The Orchard, Mance Media, NBCUniversal and Netflix.

Dish also offers special transmissions in 4K, including pay-per-view events like Bellator. Planet Earth II was also broadcast live on 4K.


When it comes to 4K content, DirecTV offers a large amount. The company does not specifically say how much 4K content it has over programming hours, but it offers two channels - 104 and 106 - that offer everything from documentaries to movies to original series in 4K.
In addition, you'll find live sports events in 4K, including Major League Baseball games and UFC fights.

Winner: Draw: None of the companies can accurately determine the amount of 4K programming they offer, and much of what they do overlaps. Suffice to say, you will find ample 4K content from any of the companies.



DirecTV subscribers can opt for Genie, an HD DVR system that allows you to record up to five programs at once. It also includes enough storage space so you can record up to 200 hours of programming without losing any content.

In addition, DirecTV offers a feature that allows you to stream select shows that have been broadcast over the last three days with a tool called DirecTV 72 hour rewind. You can also restart live programs with a Reset button.


Hopper 3 is DishTV's response to DirecTV's Genie. And it is more impressive.
Hopper 3 now supports Amazon Alexa so you can tell your Amazon Echo to activate a show and Hopper 3 will respond accordingly. It also comes with a remote location feature, and if you prefer to control your DVR with your voice, you can do it.

One of the best features of Hopper 3 is its storage, which allows you to record up to 16 programs at a time. And, yes, you can skip commercials on select shows on the DVR, although your mileage may vary depending on the programs you watch.

If you want to see your content in more places than at home, one of your options is a Sling adapter. It connects to your DVR and allows you to access your programming through Dish's Dish Anywhere service. It supports smartphones and tablets.

Winner: Dish: Dish is the clear winner here. Your DVR is widely recognized as the best of the best, and DirecTV has no chance to keep up.

Applications and mobile access

Dish Network

Unsurprisingly, Dish offers access to mobile applications that allow you to watch your programming anywhere you want.

The main among these applications is Dish Anywhere, a program that runs on iOS and Android. The free application runs on the device of your choice and allows you to access your DVR recordings from it. You can stream it over the network as long as you have a solid Internet connection. Dish Anywhere does not allow you to download video content.

Just as important, Dish Anywhere supports live and on-demand content, and you can program your DVR to record programs anywhere.

If you prefer to see your content in the browser, you can also go to the Dish's Anywhere website, where you can sign in and stream content to your favourite device, sans app.
If you have the Hopper 2 or Hopper 3, Dish Anywhere is available at no additional cost.


Similarly, the DirecTV application is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, as well as the Amazon Fire tablets.

The free application allows you to stream live and recorded programs to your mobile device without the need for additional equipment or incur an additional cost.

However, like the Dish service, certain channels and features may not be available, depending on the limitations that certain networks and programming providers place on their content.

Winner: DirecTV: You can do almost the same with DirecTV or Dish app, and both work fine, but DirecTV takes the edge here because their ratings are higher. In the App Store, the DirecTV app has earned a rating of 3.5 stars, surpassing Dish 3's rating of 3 stars.

TV channels Package Options


Since AT & T owns DirecTV, it may not be surprising that the company offers some interesting and attractive packages.

For example, you can get DirecTV and AT&T Internet in a package for an initial price of $80. The offer includes the choice of DirecTV programming (see options) and Internet speeds up to 50Mbps. You can also access the AT & T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network at no additional charge.
If you want to add Home Phone to that, be prepared to spend $90. Again, you will get the television and the internet, but also digital home phone service.

Finally, DirecTV offers a "DirecTV + AT&T Wireless" package when it has a DirecTV and AT & T subscription. You will also get streaming with no data as part of the package. The price varies, so you'll have to call DirecTV to find out how much it will cost.All prices are based on a two-year agreement.

Dish Network

Plato is a bit of a different story. While the company offers Internet services, actually finding it can be a bit tricky.

Dish offers a tool where you can enter your zip code to find out if your Internet service is available in your area. Where I live in New York, however, is not available. And the same thing happens when I enter ZIP codes from New York City.

However, when I entered certain zip codes around major metropolitan areas, such as Beverly Hills' 90210, it was available. And it was offered there by three companies: Windstream, Frontier and TDS Telecom. The company also offers satellite Internet but is quite slow at speeds up to 25 Mbps.

If you are fortunate enough to have access to Dish Internet, you can expect an initial price of $50 per month.

Winner: DirecTV: It's pretty clear that AT&T's relationship is critical to DirecTV's appeal here. With the help of AT & T, DirecTV can offer internet packages across the country and triumph own Dish packages. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, DirecTV is your winner.

Customer Ratings

To determine how well DishTV and DirecTV are among customers, we rely on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for the data. It is a national customer survey to determine your opinions about service providers.


DirecTV has remained strong since the company was first analysed by ACSI in 2001 and received a score of 70 out of a possible 100 points. By 2017, however, DirecTV scored a 68, a drop of 2.9 percent, compared with its first year in the survey.


Dish put an end to things in 2001 with a score of 71 out of a possible 100. But now it's right behind DirecTV with a score of 67. That's a 5.6 percent compared to 2001 but consistent with its score Since 2014.

Winner: DirecTV: DirecTV wins here - by a nose.


Although it was a tough battle, DirecTV just squeaked in our race, winning three runs at both of Dish. The companies tied in two other categories.

DirecTV shines when it comes to their exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket package, more channels and a slightly better mobile app. This satellite provider also offers better package deals, especially if you are an AT&T wireless customer, and have a higher customer satisfaction rating.

However, Dish Network offers more affordable prices, a superior DVR and some pretty sweet benefits of its own, including a free Amazon Echo Dot to control the TV with your voice.
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