Star Movies Select HD to Start Movies to Watch Before You Die on October 2

Star Movies Select HD presents you a chance of good action movies to watch. Star Movies Select HD: 'Movies to Watch Before You Die' returns October 2. This October, Star Movies Select HD brings its most demanding audience the next edition of a curator who has captured the hearts and minds of movie lovers everywhere - movies to watch before they die. Starting October 2, every Monday through Friday at 9 pm, all true movie fans will be tuned into Star Movies Select HD.

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Star Movies Select HD presents good action movies, new movies and best movies out right now

The festival, like last year, is home to some of the most iconic stories that adorn the Hollywood Hall of Fame. As always, Star Movies Select HD sets the benchmark for curating movies in English for the entire category. Following this rule, "Movies to Watch Before You Die" includes movies that have shaped the way Hollywood makes movies - introducing an adorable ET, redefining musicals with Sound of Music, and heart-wrenching war stories like A Few Good Men, The Thin The red line and the deer hunter. Films that made shock waves with their social relevance as Kramer vs. Kramer and Philadelphia.

These are just a glimpse of great movie travel; after all, the films at this festival have received a total of 189 Oscar® nominations and 64 wins.

To bring these films to the audience, an elaborate cross-media plan is planned through television, radio, and digital field that will highlight the essence and celebrate why these are the movies to watch before dying - Star Movies Select HD will collaborate with 5 established artists in the city to create an art facility that includes iconic movie posters from "Films To See Before You Die".

Each poster will include the artist's point of view and will be aesthetically conceptualized to take into account the uniqueness of the film. These films are considered as essential works by prominent directors and the channel will be honouring its work with a great exhibition in High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel.

As a connoisseur of cinematographic masterpieces, Star Movies Select HD is committed to showcasing some of the best stories to its viewers.