Xfinity TV: Comcast Integrated YouTube App on Xfinity X1

Xfinity TV: Comcast introduces the YouTube application built into Xfinity X1. Comcast and Google announced the nationwide launch of YouTube on Xfinity X1, giving viewers quick and easy access to YouTube's extensive online video collection along with live on-demand programming, DVR and other web-based programs that are already included in your Xfinity TV subscription. YouTube content will be accessible through the X1 voice remote control and YouTube videos will be included in Xfinity on Demand.

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Xfinity TV: Comcast Integrated YouTube App on Xfinity X1

"Giving our customers seamless access to live, on-demand and Internet content in one place remains a key part of our strategy and we're excited to now add YouTube to the X1 experience," said Matt Strauss, Vice President Xfinity Services Executive, Cable Comcast. "By adding billions of YouTube videos to our video platform, we're taking our role as the aggregator o a new level and reaffirming that X1 is the best place to easily discover and access all kinds of entertainment with sound of his voice. "

YouTube's online videos will be displayed throughout the Xfinity On Demand menu and will be available in the YouTube app, providing easy access to trend videos and complementing the existing content screens of movies, shows, music, news and celebrities in X1 and complementing themed destinations.

"The living room is YouTube's fastest growing platform and we're thrilled to be able to grow our distribution there and bring Xfinity X1 users a perfect way to consume all the content they love." Voice is a key factor for discovery and look forward to offering it to Xfinity X1 users, "said Robert Kyncl, Business Director at YouTube.

With universal voice control with X1 voice remote control, customers can also access YouTube content by:

● Simply say "YouTube" to start the application.

● Search for topic videos by saying "YouTube, show me makeup tutorials" or "Find immersion recipes on YouTube".

● Call trailers, clips and more related to movies, TV shows or celebrities saying "Watch" Carpool Karaoke "on YouTube" or "Show me Empire" clips on YouTube.

● Saying: "Find live Coachella broadcasts on YouTube" or "YouTube, show me 2017 Grammy performances" to watch or watch live event feeds.

Clients connected to X1 and YouTube can easily access their custom settings and subscriptions by accessing YouTube on X1. In addition to finding YouTube content with X1 voice remote control and within Xfinity On Demand, customers can only launch the YouTube app located in the Apps and Networks sections of X1. Click here for more information on X1.
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