Dish Network Dish TV Extends Alexa's Support to its Joey Receivers

Dish Network Dish TV extends Alexa's support to its Joey receivers for voice-controlled dish 4k channels throughout the house. Dish network dish TV became the first US pay-TV provider to integrate with Alexa for hands-free TV in May when it introduced a way for Hopper and Wally DVR users to search for programs and control their playback experience using their voice. Today, the company says it is expanding this support to its Joey customers, which means that Dish customers can now take advantage of voice control throughout their home.

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Joey's customers are the additional Dish receivers that allow you to extend Dish TV service to other rooms in your home without the need for a separate DVR. The current Hopper 3 DVR supports up to six Joey receivers, while previous generations support up to three, Dish notes.

By adding Alexa support to these devices, Echo owners can now control other televisions beyond the living room, for example, they could use their Echo Dot to control the television in their room or one in the children's room.

Once set up, Dish owners can ask Alexa to do things like changing the channel, search for a favourite show or movie, search for genres, or forward, rewind, pause or resume live TV.

This type of functionality is also currently available through Amazon Fire TV, but Amazon introduced similar support for third-party device manufacturers earlier this year as well as TV providers and streaming services. Dish TV was the first television provider in the US. UU. In taking advantage of the new functionality while abroad, YouView, based in NetGem and in the UK, are among the first to adopt.

Hands-free TV support could help retain pay-TV subscribers in an era where cable cut-off accelerates rapidly, as customers will not have to switch to using a broadcast device like Fire TV to use Alexa, a change that can encourage cable cutting. given Fire TV support for live TV streaming services, subscription video applications, and Amazon add-on channels.

Dish says that its integrations work with the Amazon Echo, Echo Show and Echo Dot devices and that each Dish decoder must be combined with its own Echo to work.

With Joey's addition, the current line-up of Dish devices working with Alexa includes Hopper (all generations) and their clients Joey, Joey Wireless, Joey 4K and Super Joey, as well as Wally's single-tuner HD receiver DISH.

"Dish network dish TV again defends TV voice control, this time expanding our compatibility with Alexa to create a more integrated experience across the home," said Niraj Desai, Dish's vice president of product management, in a statement. "Our customers now have the freedom to ask Alexa for help finding programs and movies in every room where their families enjoy watching television."
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