Dutch Adult TV live channel Dusk launches the OTT Application for Smart TVs

Dutch Adult TV live channel launches the OTT application for smart TVs. The Dutch adult TV channel Dusk launched its OTT application for Smart TV. The application will be available on smart TVs from leading manufacturers with a production date after 2015 worldwide.

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Adult TV app to watch the adult channel online

Dusk says she's the only adult content provider that focuses on an audience of women and couples: "With its unique approach, based on constant research into what women around the world find exciting in erotic movies, Dusk inspires to your audience to have a more intimate, sensual and sophisticated sexual life

"While the adult industry has always focused on men, the company introduced its content under the name of self-nominated category" adult content "in 2008 as a 24/7 linear television channel. Today, this television channel can be found on television operator platforms in 20 European countries. In addition to adult tv shows being presented as a television channel, Dusk now launches its Smart TV application. "

The new Dusk app "offers an erotic lifestyle experience, with educational videos, stories and, of course, hundreds of hours of the adult shows." Subscription costs €5.95 per month.

"We are delighted with the launch of this OTT application and make Dusk TV ready for the future. We focus on delivering our compelling content to our audience in the easiest way, and working closely with the hardware market leaders of the new generation is surely in line with what the consumer wants and expects from us, "says Edwin Teerink, CEO Dusk.
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