AT&T DirecTV Will Soon Launch Android TV Based OTT Set-top Box

DirecTV will launch OTT decoders based on Android TV. AT&T DirecTV prepares to embrace the delivery of Internet-based content beyond its DirecTV Now service: the company is about to introduce a new television decoder based on Google's Android Android platform and ditch satellite connectivity for Internet transmission. according to a new presentation by the FCC.

The new device, which is known as model number C71KW-400, is described in these documents as "the new AT&T DirecTV Wireless 4K OTT Client". A user manual published as part of the presentations specifies that the device will not be able to interact with any of the existing Genie hardware of DirecTV, and suggests a future hardware product called HS27.

In a useful way, the manual also provides a definition of OTT as "the delivery of video over the Internet directly on devices connected by the user, allowing access to services anywhere, at any time and on any device."
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at&t directv now DVR C71KW-400

The manual also reveals that the decoder will be purchased with a voice remote control with an integrated touchpad, and the photos show that it has Ethernet ports, digital audio, HDMI and USB, but no antenna connectivity, which means any programming will come via the Internet.

The manual also reveals that the device is based on Google's Android TV platform, and a screenshot shows images of Google's YouTube and Google Play Movies services running on the device. There is also access to the Google Play Store, which presumably means that consumers will be able to install Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu and other video applications.

AT&T has long hinted at plans to finally adopt online video delivery for its television services, and the company has been selling its Internet-based DirecTV Now service to consumers for about a year. However, the new hardware does not present any DirecTV Now brand, but only uses the DirecTV brand. This means that it will probably be available to new or existing AT & Ts subscribers or the traditional DirecTV TV service.

There is no word when AT&T is looking to ship this new hardware or officially launch OTT-based video delivery. However, the timing of the presentation suggests that the company may reveal the service soon, with CES 2018 as a likely place for such an announcement.

AT&T did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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