BTV Offers Local TV bundle package to Phone and Desktop For Free

BTV Offers Local TV bundle package to your phone and desktop for free and without TV antenna. A new streaming service provider groups antenna channels and online TV for free and plans to expand nationally. There is a new way to watch local TV on your PC or smartphone and at no cost. Didja, a company based in Silicon Valley, is taking the television channels and packaging them for transmission to applications and web browsers.

The service is already live in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Phoenix, with Los Angeles planned next. The company expects to be in the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the US, before the end of 2019.

The service is available through the web or applications for Android and iOS. Support for large-screen viewing is included through Apple TV or Chromecast.

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BTV Offers Local TV bundle

The TV stations are received in the Didja data centres, run through TV tuners, are included with a television guide and are transmitted through the Apple HLS live streaming protocol to the application.

The result is an elegant and easy way to watch local television without an antenna. Perhaps most impressive of all is that the channel change is very fast. It does not take more than a second to move from one TV channel to another, like on the television in your living room.

A two-week program guide is displayed under the TV program on both the web and smartphone applications and can be used to schedule recordings using a DVR service in the cloud. Because the recordings take place on the Didja server, you can record two or more stations at the same time while watching a third live concert on the phone.

New subscribers try the free DVR service for 30 days and then it costs $4.95 per month. If you choose not to pay, the live TV service remains free.

When Aereo tried a similar service in 2012, it faced a lot of copyright challenges from television channels and finally, it closed after losing its case to the US Supreme Court.

Didja is getting permission from each TV station that transports to avoid the same destination, but that means that renowned stations are not included at the moment.

"We are missing the top 10 networks and we are aligning other independent channels," company CEO Jim Long told me. "It's a matter of making deals."

Then, for now, viewers will find secondary digital networks and other local stations.

In the Bay Area, the 35 TV stations on offer include This TV, Retro TV, Get TV, Buzzr, Azteca America and several stations with Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean programming. There are also several music stations, shopping at home, art and public television. There are 27 stations available in Phoenix.

The application also takes note of your location, and if you move out of your local TV market, you will lose access to the stations until you return.

When the main networks arrive, they will not be available for free. Affiliates of the network generate revenues by charging cable companies for the retransmission of their signal; You may have seen the "local transmission rate" on your cable bill, and Internet-based services face the same costs: around $10 per month depending on the market.

So Long plans to group the network's affiliates with Didja's DVR service in the cloud for around $15 per month.

You will find the application in the Android Play Store or in the Apple App Store.
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