HULU News: Hulu might Become Foundation of DISNEY STREAMING SERVICE

HULU CAN BECOME A "FOUNDATION" OF THE DISNEY STREAMING SERVICE. If Disney completes its purchase proposal for 21st Century Fox, it can use Fox's participation in Hulu as the basis of its own broadcast service.

Recently, Disney has expressed its intention to create its own broadcast service (ending an agreement with Netflix), but there has been no news about what kind of broadcast service it could take. If you must believe in a Variety article, the answer to that question could be related to the latest revelation that Disney has rekindled the conversations to buy 21st Century Fox.

Variety says any agreement to buy Fox would likely include Fox's 30% stake in Hulu (the broadcast service currently broadcasting the Disney adaptation of Marvel's Runaways), which would bring Disney's total share to 60%. This, Variety says, can be seen as the "first step to making Hulu the base" of Disney's broadcast service.

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Disney streaming service

It is important to keep in mind that much of this is speculation based on Variety's knowledge of the industry. Although the pieces seem to fit together, Disney has not officially confirmed any plans as such. It is also important to note that conversations are still in the air; Although the discussions are progressing, there is no guarantee that any agreement will be reached, and if it does, we can only speculate on what the terms of the agreement would be.

If such an agreement is made, that takes us one step closer to Chris Evans' dream of a mashup of Captain America/ human torch parent traps.
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