Star to telecast IPL 2018 in 10 Channels, in 6 languages and Live IPL Streaming on Hotstar

Star to telecast IPL 2018 in 10 Channels, in 6 languages and Live IPL Streaming on Hotstar.

Star to telecast IPL 2018 in 10 channels in 6 languages and ipl online streaming on Hotstar. Star India is at full speed for its first season of the Indian Premier League (IPL T20). With 12 channels in its field, Star India has decided to involve 10 of them and its Hotstar digital platform to broadcast live matches in six languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali. "By taking advantage of the power of television and Hotstar, IPL will be enjoyed by a total of 700 million fans in different geographies, which were 550 million in the previous year," reads a press release issued by Star India.

The eleventh season of the T20 extravaganza is ready to go a little higher, with the new Star stations preparing a comprehensive plan to cover the event, which will undergo some important changes.
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ipl online streaming on Hotstar

Coverage will begin in January, although the actual event will take place between April and May. The stations have selected six months exclusively for the event and will have up to 10 dedicated channels in their network for the event.

Speaking to Rediff, STAR India managing director Sanjay Gupta said: "IPL T20 is the largest property in India and the challenge for us was to reimagine it and, most importantly, expand it."

"In two languages in 2017, we will take it to six languages in 2018 through 10 channels, and when I say six languages, I mean six different sources, each with localized packaging, comments and pre / post-programming."

Star India is configured to have up to seven different live broadcasts for IPL (on TV and digital each). There will also be a Super Fan Feed on Star Sports Select in English.

The Super Fan Feed will be a unique and personalized feed for those who want to see more than the game in progress. It will give fans the option of having multiple layers of data, with information about players and equipment that will be available during transmission, as well as multiple camera angles to choose from.

The new feature also helps broadcasters establish a monetization platform on Hotstar, their main Internet transmission portal, which, for the first time, will have a live broadcast without delay.

"Since this is the first time that Hotstar will have ipl online streaming (unlike the delayed transmission of five minutes until 2017), we also plan to offer the live broadcast to our premium subscribers (for a fee)," Ajit Mohan, director executive -digital, Star India told Livemint.

IPL T20 is expected to continue with a digital payment in the 2018 season, although the exact details of the payment, as well as the type of experience to be shown, will be determined next year.