Netflix UK is is Far ahead of Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom

Netflix UK is far ahead of Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom. UK productions like The Crown are paying off to Netflix. The video transmission service is far ahead of its closest rival, Amazon Prime Video, in the United Kingdom, the fifth largest media market in the world (paywall).

Nearly 7.5 million households in the United Kingdom subscribed to Netflix as of the third quarter of 2017, around 80% of households that subscribed to at least one video-on-demand subscription service in general, according to Audience Research Board (pdf), which carries out regular surveys on the television landscape of the United Kingdom. In comparison, 3.84 million households subscribed to Amazon, according to the survey.

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Netflix UK

Amazon grew its base more than Netflix, year after year, with a 51% increase in the third quarter. Netflix's grew by 23%. But the rise of Amazon seems to be stabilizing since it had the lowest quarter-on-quarter growth in transmission services in this period.

Netflix had an advantage in the United Kingdom. It was launched there in 2012, after licensing local favourites such as Top Gear, The Only Way Is Essex and The Inbetweeners. He continued to load in popular British shows, such as Skins, Luther, The Office and Torchwood, and finally began producing series locally as well. Also in 2012, Netflix ventured into the original programming with programs such as House of Cards. He later picked up Black Mirror from Channel 4, shows under license as Peaky Blinders as Netflix originals abroad and financed productions like The Crown, which is one of his most important global series.

Amazon launched Prime Video in the region a few years later in 2014. It bought LoveFilm, a local competitor of Netflix, which became Prime. The subscription was included with a Prime shipping membership in the United Kingdom and Germany and was launched along with Amazon Video, where users can buy or rent individual titles, similar to platforms like iTunes. Last year, Amazon used The Grand Tour, a branch of the BBC series Top Gear, to kick off its service expansion worldwide. That did not seem to do much for the UK public, given the latest numbers.

Both Netflix and Amazon have an extensive library of US and global television programs that are not easily transmitted in the UK, which also makes them an attraction for local subscribers. Netflix has popular programs such as Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Fargo and Riverdale. And Amazon Prime has series like Mr Robot, Preacher and The X-Files revival.
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