New Orange TV Pickle Streaming TV Service Offers Unlimited South Park

The new Orange TV Pickle streaming service is interesting for one reason: unlimited South Park. TV Orange is chasing the generation of the 'millennials' with its Pickle TV service, a new premium video service aimed at people aged 15 to 35 years.

With a monthly cost of €4.99, around £4.50, TV Orange offers its customers access to a range of channels covering a wide range of topics that millennials are expected to be interested in.

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For example, Clubbing TV offers a channel dedicated to electronic music and culture, while ES1 is a French channel focused on eSports. Game One offers a channel that covers manga and video games, while Spicee presents a video channel loaded with documentaries and "stories".

With Netflix seemingly producing high-quality original TV series and dramas at a dizzying pace, Amazon Prime Video offering easy access to great movies and TV in 4K and HDR, and Now TV offering all kinds of broadcast packages, you will be forgiven for wondering why Orange has bothered with Pickle TV.

But it has an ace in the hole in the form of a channel dedicated to South Park, presenting fans with unlimited access to the caricature of taste and humour that pushes the limits. For some, it may be enough just to justify the monthly cost.

Like almost all broadcast services, Pickle TV can be distributed on all types of devices, which means that subscribers can enjoy South Park and other channels on their televisions, smartphones and tablets. And Orange promised that the service is free of advertising.

A one-month free trial version is offered for Orange Mobile and TV customers, while customers on their 'Open' plans can sign up for six months of free access to Pickle TV.

Time will tell is that Orange has entered the television and video broadcast market a bit late, but if it can continue to attract its customers with good subscription offers, then maybe the service will survive against giants like Netflix and the Amazon video. Prime.
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