Over the Top Services: How OTT TV will innovate the OTT Media in 2018

How OTT will innovate in 2018. In 2017 there was a huge consumer growth in the transmission of television services and 2018 is expected to be even larger. This year, eMarketer estimates that 181.5 million US consumers will use connected TVs at least once a month, equivalent to more than 55% of the US population. UU And by 2021, that figure will be expanded to 194.4 million, which is almost 58% of the population. Let's start with a basic definition of OTT (over-the-top) video: the OTT video is a video transmitted over the Internet that overlooks the traditional cable / linear distribution. While it may be compatible with advertising or subscription, in Premion, we consider that true OTT is a premium over the top content of long, real-time transmission, such as network programming, TV shows and movies.

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How OTT TV will innovate the OTT Media in 2018
The pace of digital disruption that is transforming the television industry is accelerating: the growth in television content delivered by IP is reshaping distribution models, consumer viewing habits and advertising. All major television operators have launched or are in full launch and expansion of their offers for direct transmission to the consumer. Consumers now have more options than ever: from DirectTV Now, FuboTV (a Premion partner), Sling TV (a Premion partner), PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV, to name just a few. Philo is another recent participant offering more than 30 entertainment channels. Disney plans to launch two ott streaming services and can develop further after its 21st Century Fox deal.

With many ott media and content companies jumping on the TV ott streaming car, the ott video market is becoming increasingly fragmented and creating even more competition for high-quality over the top content to keep viewers hooked: there are already more than 200 OTT services in the market. the US ott video market, according to Parks Associates.

What can we expect in 2018 with the increase in transmission services and the growth of OTT advertising? Here are three developments to look at:

Growth in OTT video market advertising

Knowledgeable advertisers are following the exponential growth of the OTT audience and our industry has made great strides in the last year with OTT orientation, personalization, measurement and participation. Today, OTT offers the best of television with the ability to accurately target viewers up to the zip code level and use factors such as demographics, lifestyle and interests. The most advanced analytical tools allow advertisers to target the right audience, buy the highest quality inventory and measure the results of the OTT campaign more effectively. Although not all OTT impressions are the same, marketers and agencies are better educated, understanding the nuances and value differences between buying a premium OTT inventory and acquiring an exchange at a lower CPM and sacrificing transparency, quality and brand. safety.

Richer guidance and new innovations in data management over the top platforms (DMP)

Our industry is investing in new capabilities to target users through a device identification that allows advertisers to take advantage of their own data or a data management over the top platforms (DMP) to reach their identified audiences. Unlike digital advertising, the key difference is that connected TVs do not have cookies. This means that the OTT orientation must be done through labels to IP addresses. The delivery of IP over the top content is accelerating, which in turn creates greater opportunities for targeting with advertising delivered by IP that has digital qualities. See if connected TV providers use DMP to create labels that can track ad impressions up to the individual level and know exactly where their impressions fell, what content, at what time, and to what IP address.

Improving the OTT consumer experience and OTT video solutions

Consumers are spending more time doing binge-watching on ott streaming services: they also expect more customization and participate in fewer, but more relevant, ads. However, it is still common for a viewer of an OTT application with advertising to admit the same advertisement several times in the same pod or in the same viewing session, resulting in a poor experience for the consumer.

As such, limiting frequency across networks-the ability to restrict the number of times a viewer shows a particular ad is a problem that must be resolved by 2018. It is one of the biggest problems for current audiences and fixing this is an imperative for our industry to improve the OTT consumer experience. Currently, the frequency limit is an inventory problem since several suppliers offer the same inventory; Although the ad inventory could be capped on a over the top platforms, it is difficult to decipher if the same advertisement has a frequency cap on another over the top platforms. One of the ways to solve this is with an open DMP, which is what MadHive is doing, a company with which we have been working. MadHive tracks and resolves this with the use of device identification tags and their DMP metadata. In addition, it can provide the ability to set the frequency limit at the device level with the editors. FreeWheel offers another ott video solutions, the use of its ad server to help publishers manage their ad groups and prevent the same ad from playing consecutively.

While the speed of disruption, the emergence of new technologies and the consolidation of the ott media will probably bring a greater unpredictability by 2018, a trend that is certain is that television is moving faster to the internet. This year, we expect more collaboration between our industry to invest in richer data and measurement capabilities and new technologies to improve the consumer experience and improve standardization to drive further progress in OTT advertising with the over the top content.
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