Sky TV Without Satellite Dish: Sky to offer complete TV service without Satellite Dish

Can you get sky without a dish? The answer is yes, with the new sky TV no dish offer you can get all sky TV package without satellite TV. Is this the end of the satellite dish? Sky will make its complete television service available online to address the threat of Netflix and Amazon streaming services. Sky announces the change of parabolic antennas with the deployment of fiber optic broadband.

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Sky TV Without Satellite Dish

The telecommunications giant will offer television services through Sky Q in Austria and Italy in 2018. Sky will offer the 270 channels through Internet transmission to deal with Netflix and Amazon. Sky said offering the option was a "great development" by opening up new markets and could signal the beginning of a long-term change in satellite transmission.

Sky's customers will soon be able to obtain the 270 channels through fibre optic broadband, in a move that could indicate the beginning of the end of the satellite dish. This move is part of its long-term plan to take over broadcast services such as Netflix and Amazon.

The telecommunications giant said it will offer all of its television services over the Internet through Sky Q in Austria and Italy in 2018, with plans to launch the service in Britain later in the year or early 2019.

Jeremy Darroch, CEO of Sky, said today that it would allow the company to target up to 6 million homes across Europe that do not want or can not have a satellite dish.

Although it does not reveal how many homes it could affect, there are now more than one million Sky Q boxes in about 2 million homes in the United Kingdom.

Providing a full channel transmission would allow Sky to compete with online giants such as Netflix, which in the UK has almost 7.5 million domestic subscribers, with around 80% of households subscribing to at least one on-demand service.

The move will strengthen Sky's hand in his battle with streaming operators such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as his rival BT. "This is the first time we have been able to offer the full Sky TV service without a satellite dish," he said, according to the Guardian. "It's a great moment for the business."

Although viewers using the Now TV box can now access some Sky channels over the Internet, this would be the first time that 270 full channels would be broadcast in that way. Expect that by making your hundreds of channels more widely available, increase both revenue and profits. Sky Q boxes cost from £ 44 per month with a setup fee of £ 99 at this time.

According to figures released today, the number of Sky retail customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland increased by 255,000 to 12.9 million.

While Sky added 365,000 new customers to bring the total to 22.9 million. However, a spokesman for Sky denied that the dishes will be finished forever. They told MailOnline: 'The decision to submit Sky over IP is for those who want Sky but can not get a satellite dish.

"Even such mundane things as coverage of poor areas or a tree in front of a house can inhibit this, so we are only offering another platform for our customers."

Adding: "We are not getting rid of the dishes, they are still an important part of the service, we just want to help those who have not had access to Sky via satellite, to get access by other means".

DEATH OF THE satellite DISH? Sky to offer all the TV service WITHOUT satellite dish. Sky has promised to bring the service only online to the United Kingdom in the near future.

Earlier this month, the telecommunications giant reviewed its offers to customers, giving them the opportunity to add 80 additional channels without increasing their bills.

Sky announced for the first time its plans to launch a non-satellite service in the United Kingdom in January last year. It comes when Now TV announced a new transmission device of £15.

Now TV offers sports, movies and entertainment channels through the Internet more flexible and economically than through a Sky subscription. The new device will allow customers to watch NowTV content on any TV with a USB port.

The number of Sky retail customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland increased by 255,000 to 12.9 million, while Sky added 365,000 new customers to bring the total to 22.9 million.
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