After Roku YouTube Live TV Service is Now Available on Apple TV Devices

Youtube TV: YouTube live TV service is now available for Apple TV devices, following the availability on the Roku platform today.

YouTube’s live TV streaming service is now available on Apple TV devices, the google tv service revealed in a surprise announcement this afternoon. In a tweet telling Apple TV owners to visit the app store, the official YouTube TV account revealed that their application is already available on TVOS devices. This follows the news today that YouTube TV has also become compatible with Roku devices.

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YouTube live TV on apple tv

The expansion of YouTube TV to other popular decoder platforms has been a bit tough since its launch in the spring of 2017, when YouTube said in December that it had delayed the launch of its Roku application and Apple TV in the first quarter of 2018 after not being able to meet an earlier deadline that the company delayed at the end of October. Then, earlier today after the Roku news came down, a YouTube representative told the media that Apple TV support would arrive “very soon”.

For a while, it seems, YouTube meant later today. Still, it’s a welcome addition to any YouTube TV subscriber, which, like PlayStation Vue and Sling, allows you to bypass reputable cable providers to access premium channels for a flat rate of $35. The service is now available in up to 80 metropolitan areas from last month and now has more than 50 networks as part of its package, with other channels available as add-ons. Now be ready to get the YouTube TV application on all available platforms.

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