DD Free Dish update: Encrypted STB and dd free dish new channel coming soon 2018

DD Free Dish update, DD free dish latest news: DD free dish new channel coming soon, dd free dish upcoming channel. DD Free Dish encryption will start soon; the manufacture of DD DTH set top boxes begins. Rajyavardhan Rathore, deputy minister of information and broadcasting today, confirmed that Doordarshan has given permission to eleven companies to manufacture set top boxes with encryption to use in their DD Free Dish DTH service.

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The statement confirms that the very delayed encryption of the free dth service is underway and will be implemented once the stock of these decoders begins to reach the market in sufficient numbers.

Once there are enough "authorized" boxes, DD Direct Plus will stop broadcasting some of its channels openly in free to air TV mode and encrypt the signals. Initially, the channels that currently use MPEG-4 will be encrypted.

In other words, subscribers who wish to see all DD Direct Plus channels must purchase one of the authorized boxes from one of the 11 companies licensed to manufacture them to get the dd free dish upcoming channel.

At the same time, existing DD Direct Plus users who do not update their boxes will continue to receive a certain number of channels. Finally, it is likely that DD Direct Plus will turn off all open signals (free to air TV) and force all subscribers to move to authorized set top boxes.

Originally, encryption was supposed to begin in April of last year. DD is using an Indian software solution known as iCAS to encode and decode the satellite TV signals.

Rathore said that 10 private companies, as well as BECIL or Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd, controlled by the government, have been authorized so far to manufacture the new boxes. So, it is a good dd free dish update and dd free dish latest news that now we will wait the dd free dish new channel coming soon in 2018.

The minister did not name the ten companies. The movement to encrypt the channels aims to improve the income of Doordarshan. Once the channels are encrypted, Doordarshan can find out how many people watch their free DTH service.

According to this number, you can charge money to the channels for being part of the service, also known as the transportation fee.

However, the measure could harm at least some consumers since a new satellite TV decoder will cost at least Rs 900 -1,000.

Some consumers can simply turn their dish towards the neighbouring ABS satellite. ABS also has a free DTH service that is transmitted in open signal (free to air TV signals). However, the amount of Hindi channels in ABS is lower compared to DD Dish free, while the number of channels South and East is higher than in DD Dish free.
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