Xiaomi Ultra Slim 4.9 mm MiTV Will Soon Launch in India, Details and Price

When will xiaomi tv launch in India? Flipkart confirms that Xiaomi will release Mi TV of 4.9 mm thick on February 14, it will be easy to use. Flipkart, it seems, is ready to become the exclusive sales partner to sell Xiaomi's MI TVs in India. The online retail website, in addition to hosting a page dedicated to its launch platform, has sent a press release stating that it will "launch an amazing gadget for India's # 1 smartphone brand,  which has a completely new intelligent OS, fast processor, slim body of 4.9 mm and is easy to use in your pocket on February 14. All points lead to Mi TV 4, which is also being mocked by Xiaomi on social media websites.

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Xiaomi Ultra Slim 4.9 mm MiTV 4

In social networks, Xiaomi has released an advance, which has been speculated that the company is in the process of launching Mi TV in India. There are many people in this short video clip who are surprised to see something. This video has been categorized because more people have been asked to gas what this is.

The product is not visible in the teaser video, but at the end of the video, Edge is seen, which is probably from MiTV. If that happens, it will be the first television set to be launched in Shomei India.

In this preview, a large bright screen is visible in the blue frame. Look at it carefully and watch Mi TV 4, you could also understand. It is worth mentioning that the Mi-4 is available in China 4 and has been a rather thin and sharp bevel. Talk about the features of Mi TV4, it's a kind of modular TV, from which you can eliminate speakers and motherboards. This television has provided 3D Dolby Atom surround sound.

This Xiaomi event will begin at 12 noon in Delhi on February 14 and can be viewed live on the company's website.

While Xiaomi's own advancement was not so explicitly specific, Flipkart leaves nothing to the imagination. Xiaomi's advancement talked about the frameless design of the thin USP of the next product, but it was not too specific in terms of numbers. "My fans, is it a bird? Is it a plane?" "What happens?" "Something wonderful is about to happen this Valentine's Day. Stay tuned!" Xiaomi wrote on Twitter yesterday. The tweet was accompanied by a teaser video of 0.22 seconds that briefly gave way to Mi TV 4 and its slim design without any frames. Flipkart, however, clearly mentions that the product will have a slim body of 4.9 mm and an entirely new operating system: both registered trademarks of Mi TV 4. The Mi TV 4, to remember, was first announced at CES last year. , and it's exclusive to China for now.

Flipkart's teaser, like Xiaomi's advance, does not specifically mention the size or variant that will likely reach India. The Mi TV 4, to remember, is available in three sizes: 49, 55 and 65 inches. In addition, it is available in two variants: one that is modular and allows users to selectively update the screen, motherboard and audio components and another that is more common and obviously lighter in the pocket.

The most striking aspect of each of the Mi TVs 4s of Xiaomi is, however, its elegant frames of 4.9 mm. In addition, all of your Mi TV 4s are compatible with 4K HDR, and the highest model is also packed with Dolby Atmos. All of your MiTV 4s are backed by the Android-based PatchWall operating system, which is also based on "Deep learning AI that references metadata to make intelligent content recommendations tailored to you," according to Xiaomi.
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