AT&T Streaming TV: att uverse channels watch TV Now Cost You $15 or Free. Know More

ATT Uverse channels non-sports and non-HBO TV streaming service will cost $15. Or for free if you have an unlimited AT&T plan. Just out of the acquisition of the TV programmer Time Warner, the telephone operator AT & T said it will launch a non-sports television broadcast service of $15 a month focused on Time Warner's Turner channel collection, so think of TBS and TNT without basketball, plus CNN and Cartoon Network.

And that means there is no HBO.

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att uverse channels: ATt watch TV

The service, called AT&T Watch TV, would be free for people who already pay AT&T for an unlimited plan, said CEO Randall Stephenson during an appearance on CNBC on Friday morning. It would also be available for anyone to subscribe, regardless of whether they are an AT & T customer, and they will have publicity.

More details will come next week, he said.

AT&T Watch would be the latest in a parade of television streaming services that have emerged in the last three years, as companies strive to establish themselves with viewers who migrate from traditional cable or satellite to digital services. The new service would compete with higher-priced rivals that offer more channels, including an AT & T service, DirecTV Now.

The superskinny channel bundle of the new service also has a direct competitor: Philo, which removes sports and news channels to offer a package of entertainment networks of $16 a month. By launching AT&T Watch TV at $15, Philo would lose his crown as the most affordable live TV transmitter.

Stephenson indicated that AT & T Watch TV was in line with the company's mentality for mobile distribution, and did not specify whether the service would be for mobile devices only or for transmitting to televisions, for example, through boxes like Roku and Apple. TV. (In general terms, these virtual television services transmit most of their hours to people's televisions).

All Turner networks include TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), truTV, Bleacher Report, Boomerang, ELeague, FilmStruck, Great Big Story, HLN, iStreamPlanet, Super and Turner Sports.
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