SES networks New SES Satellite Launch to Boost Indian TV SES 12 coverage map

SES networks New SES Satellite Launch to Boost Indian TV, SES 12 coverage map. SES networks new satellite launch to help accelerate digital India.

The launch of a new mega satellite that will provide SES 12 coverage map in Asia will help accelerate India's inclusion initiatives and the digital economy, according to a leading expert in the satellite industry.

Deepak Mathur, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at SES Video, said the successful launch of SES 12 would recently help support India's growing direct home TV (DTH) market as more and more consumers in rural India adopt the medium.

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SES satellite 12 coverage map

"The satellite will help accelerate the country's drive towards a digital India, the government's vision of digitally empowering India and transforming connectivity in the country," Mathur said.

"The high-performance capacity of SES 12 in South Asia and India could help meet the huge demand for capacity that will be needed to accelerate the implementation of financial inclusion initiatives and digital India," he said.

The senior executive of SES networks, one of the world's leading satellite operators, said that according to the recent directive of Telecommunications Regulatory of India (TRAI) to allow mobile services and the Internet in Indian airspace, the concentrated beams of the satellite also could provide effective capacity costs to enable in-flight connectivity services.

SES-12, which is uniquely designed with a wide beam and high-performance beams, was successfully launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket tested in flight from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. UU., At the beginning of June.

It is configured to replace and increase the services currently provided on the SES satellite NSS-6. Along with SES-8, SES-12 will reach 18 million TV households from its orbital position.

Satellites will provide pay-TV operators with reliability and scalability to elevate viewing experiences by adding more content and delivering higher-quality image quality to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-definition content (HD) ) and Ultra HD, the company said.

The state-of-the-art technology satellite, which will provide SES 12 coverage map from the Middle East to Australia, effectively combines two satellites into one: it offers powerful Ku-band beams for broadcast and media applications, and high-performance spot beams to provide Internet connectivity, reliable cellular services and content aimed at specific language groups.

"With its dual broad-beam capabilities and high-performance spot beams, SES-12 will serve to improve connectivity for people and businesses in remote and disconnected parts of Asia, where providing rural connectivity and bridging the digital divide is a key priority for many. SES-12 also provides a greater capacity to enable satellite transmission and direct home services (DTH) throughout the Asia-Pacific region, "explains Mathur.

SES 12 is one of the largest geostationary satellites that SES networks has ever launched. The spacecraft also has a Transparent Digital Processor (DTP) that increases the payload flexibility to provide much more customizable bandwidth solutions to SES customers.

Specifically, in India, SES has five satellites, NSS-12, SES-8, NSS-6, SES-7, and SES-9, currently in operation. SES-12 will replace NSS-6 as the largest satellite to offer services and capacity in India.

The company's main customer in the Indian market is Antrix, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), with whom it has worked to help increase the huge demand for satellite connectivity in India.

Mathur added: "ISRO has a fundamental role to play in the development of new space technologies and in making space more accessible and affordable.

"We are exploring potential areas of collaboration with Indian partners to see how we can work together to advance the development of space technologies."

SES networks, based in Luxembourg, offers satellite communications services to broadcasters, Internet and content service providers, mobile and fixed network operators, governments and institutions around the world.

Its last all-electric spacecraft SES-12 was built by Airbus Defense and Space and join the network of seven geostationary satellites and 16 satellites of medium Earth orbit (MEO) of SES in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.
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