TVOD: Sky and Netflix together offer the largest TV on Demand service for £10

TVOD: Sky and Netflix together offer the largest TV on Demand service for £10. Ultimate On Demand is available to Sky customers in November. We've known for some time that Netflix and Sky are teaming up to develop a new TV package and we finally have all the details.

The new Ultimate On Demand package costs £10 a month and will combine Sky Box sets (usually £5 a month and more than 400 US and UK shows) with Netflix's vast library of TV shows and movies.

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Sky and Netflix TVOD

The Ultimate On Demand package (TVOD), available only to Sky Q customers, seamlessly integrates the Netflix app with the Sky Q interface so Netflix and Sky TV shows are displayed side by side on the screen. Home or you can read the contents of each service separately in the On Demand section.

The amount of Netflix you receive depends on your Sky Q package.

If you are a member of the Sky Q Experience subscription, you will receive the Netflix premium level (typically £9.99 per month) to access 4K and HDR content, and you'll see it on four screens at the same time.

With the enviable collection of Netflix shows in 4K Ultra HD and Sky, the 4K content is also increasing, which means more than 2000 hours of 4K TV shows to surf and watch.

Of course, with Sky still not compatible with HDR, you can watch Netflix broadcasts only in 4K, but not in HDR. This means that HDR10 or Dolby Vision has no advantage in shows like Stranger Things, GLOW or Marvel's Daredevil.

Those who subscribe to the Sky Q Entertainment subscription will receive the standard Netflix Plan (HD quality available on two screens at the same time), which is typical £7.99 per month.

However, you save a little more by choosing the Ultimate On Demand package.

Every customer in Sky + needs to upgrade to Sky Q (and buy the 2 TB box) if they want to enjoy the delights of the new TV package (and of course 4K image quality).

If you add this bundle to your Sky bill, always use your existing Netflix username on your computer, phone or tablet. The billing is simply taken over by Sky.

The Ultimate On Demand package (TVOD) will be available in November, but you can register your interest in the Sky website now.
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