TV Unit Review: Micromax Yu Yuphoria Smart LED TV Best 40 inch TV 4K in Budget

A quick view of Yu Yuphoria LED TV 40 inch TV 4K: Best 40 inch 4k TV for Rs 18,499 with best smart TV apps. Micromax's second brand Yu has been sitting still for nearly a year. But now Yu seems to have come out of his state of restful sleep and is ready to return to the game. In August, Yu has re-established his presence in the Indian market by giving up a new smartphone. And now, almost a month after the launch of the Yu Ace smartphone, Yu is back to another device. But unlike its predecessor, now it is the time for a TV Unit and it's an LED TV.

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Yu Yuphoria 40 inch tv 4k

On October 10, Yu launched his first Yu Yuphoria LED TV LED TV in India, available at Rs 18499.

Like its smartphones, Yus LED TV is designed for people on a modest budget. Micromax indicates that your Yu TV offers all the amenities of a Smart TV, but costs less than what a company like Sony or Samsung offers for your TV. Well, it seems tempting to get that premise, good features, and a Smart TV at an affordable price of Rs 18,499. The problem, however, seems that the Yu-Yuphoria LED TV is not really a surprise factor.

The Yu Yuphoria LED TV is easy to use and comes with easy navigation software. It has a remote control that seems almost intuitive on the hands, as the location of the controls and the selection of controls make it easy even for family members who are not tech savvy. , But there is more than that and my first impression is that everything is not so good.

Quality of visualization and Design.

The Yu Yuphoria LED TV will not impress you with its design. However, it is not all that dark. The grey steel case of the TV contrast with its dark screen, which shines when turned on.

The Yu Yuphoria TV measures 90.4 x 20 x 51.8 cm and weighs only 6.46 kg. Although the recently introduced TV is not one of the smartest smart TVs on the market, it is one of the lightest due to its plastic housing. The operation of the television is then a simple task, but also less visually attractive.

In terms of screen, comes the Yu Yuphoria LED TV with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and viewing angles of 170 degrees. It offers a contrast ratio of 5000: 1 and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Processes HD video content very well. The colours are clear and that makes watching movies enjoyable. And the experience remains unchanged, even if the angle changes. For this, we will have more information in the next few weeks when checking the device.

Top Features

Display: 40-inch Full HD DLED screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a viewing angle of 170 degrees

Audio: 24 watts

Processor: quad-core processor


Memory: 8 GB of internal memory.

Operating system: Android OS

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 VGA port, 1 AV port, 1 VGA port

Smart TV Software

Yu Yuphoria TV is bundled with the Android operating system from Micromax, the Smart TV and the Aptoide App Store, which can be used to download various applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There's a built-in YuScreen TV option that lets you easily connect to smartphones and tablets with the YuYuphoria app from the Google Play Store.

In addition, users can connect to the Internet through a browser and search for content using Google Search. In addition, a multimedia tab facilitates connection to external storage devices or game consoles.

During my short television experience, I found that it works perfectly, without any problems or technical issues.

In terms of performance, during my short time on TV, I found that the performance was mixed. Yu Yuphoria TV worked perfectly when I used one of the USB ports to watch a movie after connecting a device. The quality of the picture was in line with the movie and it was a pleasure to watch the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service.

On the other hand, when I connected the TV to the Internet to watch videos on YouTube, the experience was not so good. Despite strong Wi-Fi and strong connectivity, the videos I've seen online - Avril Lavigne's Trailer, Head Above Water and Captain Marvel - were grainy and the frame rate seemed slow. But I'll have to go deeper into the question before I know exactly where the problem lies. Wait for the full review.

Just like the quality of the picture, I also found a tone that is unclear in the videos I've seen online and in the movies I watched over the USB port.

I also used the airplay feature to connect my MacBook Pro to Yu Yuphoria TV and see the content on its giant screen. The function worked fine.
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