Best Android TV Box in India, convert Your Old TV to Smart TV with Hybrid STB

How to make TV wifi capable, smart TV converter box, Android TV Box in India. Hybrid set-top box based on Android TV that you can buy in India to make your TV smarter. If you are in the market to upgrade your old Set-top box (TV decoder), there are some hybrid options available. Companies like Airtel, YupTV, and others have announced Android-based decoders that let you make the most of streaming and live TV services on a single device.

As internet access grows, consumer habits for a content change. On Friday at 9pm we will not rely on movie premieres Mr No melodies on Wednesday night to watch our favourite episodes of TV shows. Streaming content on the web and watching your favourite movies and TV shows to your liking have changed the way we use the content. Some may argue that this leads to the traditional method of consuming content via linear television disappearing, and while this may be the case, the debate lasts one more day.

Today we will talk about the options available to those of you who want the best of both worlds, traditional TV channels with streaming services. The easiest way to do this is to keep your old set-top box and invest in a device like a TV stick or Chromecast, or one of the dozens of Android set-top boxes available for your TV Are available. However, this is not the story of today. Today, we'll be talking about decoders that offer the best of both worlds: the traditional visual experience of linear television and the transmission options.

Hathway Game Box / Hathway Ultra Smart Hub

How to make tv wifi capable, smart tv converter box. Hathway Game Box / Hathway Ultra Smart Hub

Hathway Game Box / Hathway Ultra Smart Hub

The Hathway Play Box comes with a remote control that can hold its own YouTube button and Netflix. The OTT decoder (Over The Top) is based on Google's Android TV. Users can also use the Google Assistant-enabled voice commands in the box. There's a Google Assistant button on the remote to open the wizard. The case also includes built-in Chromecast capabilities that allow you to stream content from your smartphone to your TV. With Hathway Play Box, users can also experience Android games similar to Google Chromecast devices. The PlayBox costs 2,999 rupees.

In addition to Play Box, Hathway is equipped with Cable Hybrid, the Android-based Hathway Ultra Smart HUB. According to Hathway, "this Smart Hub combines linear television with HDR-quality playback services." With the Hybrid box, users can navigate between linear TV channels and streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, Sony Liv, and others. Users also have access to the Play Store to download applications. There are shortcuts to access the YouTube and Google Play stores on the remote.

Airtel Internet TV box

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Airtel Internet TV Box

Launched in 2017, Airtel's Internet TV Box supports 4K content with additional support for Dolby Atmos. It's a hybrid DTH decoder that works with Android TV. The box offers more than 500 satellite TV channels as well as online content from Netflix, YouTube, Airtel Movies and more. Users also have access to Google Play Music, Play Games, and Google Play Store apps. The case is also compatible with the built-in Chromecast. This naturally adds to the traditional TV channels. Airtel Internet TV costs 5,000 rupees, and users also need to select their basic package, which incurs additional costs.

YuppTV Hybrid set-top-box based on Android

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YuppTV Hybrid set-top-box based on Android

YuppTV has recently introduced its Android-based hybrid connectivity box that supports OTT and legacy DVB-C and IPTV systems. Like the solutions above, YuppTV's Android-based hybrid decoder gives you access to the Google Play Store, which lets you download streaming applications such as Netflix, etc. and enjoy linear TV at all times.