TataSky User May Soon Loose Their TV Channels, Blackout Possible

TataSky users may soon face a blackout; DTH companies forcibly activate the junk packages. With the exception of Tata Sky, all major DTH companies have updated their plans and plans. There is bad news for TataSky DTH users: Your TV may be empty after January 31st. Why is this going to happen?

TataSky users may soon face a blackout; DTH companies forcibly activate the junk packages. TRAI DTH offers
TataSky tv blackout

Meanwhile, there are complaints that satellite distribution companies such as D2h, Airtel, Dish TV, etc. They migrate their consumers to "waste packages". Why are you doing that?

TataSky User Maintenance: An error may occur after January 31st
With the exception of TataSky, all other DTH operators and cable TV companies have announced their new plans under the new TRAI rules.

The Delhi Supreme Court acknowledged the problem of cable television and recognized this problem and asked TataSky to update the new plans as soon as possible.

Judge Kameswar Rao's bank clearly told TataSky that their customers' televisions could be closed after January 31 if they could not update the new plans.

TRAI has already stated that the deadline for the implementation of the new TRAI rules will not be extended and that the 31st of January will be the last one.

The appeal to the Tribunal was submitted by Tata Sky, Bharti Telemedia, Discovery Communications India and Tarun Mehta under TRAI's 15% cable / DRS fee limit.

Leading lawyer and political leader Kapil Sibal represents TataSky, while TRAI is represented by Tushar Singh and Saket Singh.

Previously, TataSky had received a grace to update the new plans and package based on this request. The rehabilitation, however, lasted until January 10, and even then TataSky was unable to update the new packages.

DTH consumers forced to "Junk packs"

As per news reported that several consumers of large DTH distribution companies, such as Airtel, D2h, Dish, complained about forced migration as "unwanted packages."

Junk here refers to packages with less widely used channels and / or in FTA or free-to-air packages from senders. For example, D2h as the first DTH form to migrate your consumers to new packages by default.

Without naming a DTH operator, an anonymous consumer complained: "My DTH provider forces me to choose a basic 100-channel Free Broadcast plan (FTA) that they can not change or remove, citing as their mandate:" TRAI should have these 100 channels and they can not change it. "

In response to these allegations, TRAI has again issued a press release highlighting the fact that consumers have the right to choose or remove channels from their packages.

TRAI said, "The consumer can select his 100 standard definition (SD) channels within the maximum network capacity of Rs 130. I - The desired channels can be A channels, free or a set of payment channels or a combination thereof completely at the consumer ',

Migrating millions of consumers is hard work

In their defense, DTH companies have said that the problem of migrating millions of customers to new packages is a huge task that takes a long time. It is not possible to inform each consumer of the channel options they use during the call, and it is not possible to wait for millions of consumers to open applications / websites to manually select the channels.

To start this process, these cable operators and DTH distribution companies create few "starter packages" or "bases" and migrate to consumers. Once the new packages are activated, consumers can add / remove channels as they wish.

An anonymous manager of a large DTH company said, "This is only a temporary problem, we will give them the opportunity to delete or add channels soon."

As mentioned earlier, Tata Sky has not yet updated the plans.

We will keep you up to date as more details come to us.
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