TRAI Rules for DTH and Cable Operators: No Base Pack. You Can Choose 100 Channels

King of Sat TV News: TRAI rules for DTH and cable operators: consumers can choose 100 channels. TRAI has released a new statement stating that consumers will get a full option on SD channels under their new rules and regulations for satellite TV operators and cable.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a new statement stating that consumers have all the options SD channels (standard definition) have under their new rules and regulations for satellite and cable television. Operator.

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TRAI Rules for DTH and Cable Operators

In a new press release dated January 10, TRAI said that customers were free to choose the 100 free channels (SD resolution) offered in the base package of Rs 130 (excluding taxes).

In the press release, the TRAI: "The consumer is free of its 100 channels in standard resolution (SD) in the limit of the capacity of the network flow of Rs 130. The desired channels mode can select desired air channels or channels of payment or a number of payment channels or a combination of which the choice is completely up to the consumer. "

This means that consumers can choose the 100 channels offered in this base rate of Rs 130. These 100 channels can be free or paid.

The statement adds that TRAI has recognized that some stations broadcast their channels only in the form of monthly branches, where they collected more strings. "The customer should take into account the fact that it also has the ability to choose channels from the menu," recalls TRAI.

For example, a network has a number of branches, where, for example, five of its channels are grouped together and offered for a monthly fee. But users should know they can choose a channel individually and they should not choose the bouquet with all the additional channels.
News TRAI Rules for Satellite TV Cable operators: what consumers should know

The deadline to select the channels is January 31, 2019. On February 1, 2019 new rules and new packages will arrive in.

Over 100 channels.
For those who want more of these 100 channels, they will have the opportunity to choose the package 25 @Rs chains 20 additional pack. Tax means that the final price could be higher, but for many users who do not see too many channels, the bill will be much lower than the current packages.

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And if you select a channel HD (High Definition) instead of an SD channel in the basic package, it will be counted as 2 channels.

TRAI said that users can also get the maximum selling price (MRP) of a channel on demand in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) or the TV screen menu.

Players like Dish TV already have a page on their website that allows customers to select their chains according to the new order of TRAI and create their package of 100 or more channels. Users can use different combinations to choose what they want on their link.

Cable operators and DTH operators can offer a discount on the MRP mentioned in the lead of equipment programs. The maximum price of a chain was limited to 19 rupees.

All suppliers must be disclosed to the "consumer information channel", preferably on channel no 999, in the information about consumers, including price-view channels and branches, says statement. Press
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