Best Cheap Android TV Box: The Best Android TV Box that you can buy today

The best Android TV Box that you can buy today. Android TV is integrated into dozens of TV models. However, if you are already satisfied with your old TV, there is no reason to just update the TV for Android software. With a simple HDMI port, you can upgrade your Normal TV to Smart Android TV to enhance the TV experience. Here are the best Android TV box you can buy today to convert your old TV into a Smart TV.


There are Android TV products in all shapes and sizes. The Google platform is growing from high-end televisions to boxes sold by pay-TV operators. In this summary, however, we only consider decoders that anyone can buy for each TV.

Nvidia Shield TV

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Nvidia shield TV review

The biggest launch of Android TV was almost because of Nvidia Shield TV. We've seen two generations of this product and, in short, the best Android TV product you can buy without any commitment.

The Nvidia Shield TV runs on the company's Tegra X1 chipset, which is powerful enough to run all of your favorite streaming applications, including Amazon Prime Video, in full 4K HDR resolution. They also have a lot of power for local Android games. Thanks to Nvidia's streaming services, you can even play full PC games in this box. It is really amazing.

The basic package includes the Shield TV and the remote control. However, I would do everything possible to get the package with a game controller for 20 € extra. Unlock a lot of capacity, support and games with the "Hey Google" wizard. The sign also accepts commands from a Google Home speaker or the assistant of your phone.

Why Shield TV is the best Android TV box:

If you have the budget, Shield TV is an easy task. There is no warning or real problem with this device, and for an initial price of $ 179, it's not too expensive either. Features like transferring games are great additions. However, if you only want to use video content, Shield remains the best option. Includes Amazon Prime Video, which is not yet available on other Android TV devices, and full HDR 4K support in VUDU and other services.

This is undoubtedly the best decoder of Android TV.

Where to buy Nvidia Shield TV:

1. Amazon

2. Best buy

3. Walmart

Xiaomi Mi Box S Android tv box review

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Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV box review

Small, competent and affordable.

If $200 is spent on a Netflix decoder, that's ridiculous. I do not blame you. Luckily, there are still some great opportunities. One of them is the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

For just $ 59, the Xiaomi Mi Box S offers Android TV in a compact and powerful package. You will find a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. There is only 8 GB of storage, but you can enlarge it with the USB port on the back. There is also a HDMI 2.0A port that provides 4K HDR to your connected TV. Unfortunately, there is no ethernet.

Android 8.1 Oreo also offers the latest interface and performance is strong despite smaller specifications. Bloatware is also minimized. The included remote also includes a Netflix button and a special application button between conventional navigation and microphone buttons.

At $59, the Xiaomi Mi Box S is the Android TV option "Bang for your money." It's not perfect, but for most people it's absolutely the best option.

JetStream 4K Android TV box

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JetStream 4K Android TV box

If you absolutely need cable internet, the Xiaomi Mi Box S is not for you. For just $10 more you get the same basic package, but with an additional Ethernet port.

The 4K Jetstream Android TV has the same specifications as the Mi Box S with 8GB of memory and 2GB of RAM. You can stream 4K HDR to your Android 8.1 Oreo TV. It also has 2 USB ports and a microSD card slot to expand the built-in memory. The included remote also has special buttons for Netflix, YouTube and Play Store. Of course, the typical navigation and assistant buttons are also included.

Walmart is the exclusive place to buy the jetstream box. For $69, this is a great option for those who need more ports.