Best DTH Service in India Comparison After TRAI Rules: Compare DTH Packages

The best DTH TV service provider after TRAI new rules: Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, D2h or Sun Direct? The new Trai mandate has allowed many DTH providers do not know how to handle the migration process in the first few days, but the situation is over.

The new pricing direction adopted by Trai last year in the TV industry has hit the DTH TV industry. All cable and DTH television service providers have quickly switched subscribers to new plans and prices. However, for the benefit of the users, Trai has extended the implementation time by giving more time for the change. This migration process also exposed a large number of vulnerabilities in the system and allowed subscribers to verify the reality of their DTH service providers. While some subscribers complained about the lack of channels, others complained about flawed websites. It is obvious that many subscribers could also switch service providers during the same period. If you're in a similar situation and wondering what each DTH service provider suggests, here's a summary.

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Best dth service in India comparison: compare dth packages, tv channel pack

Tata Sky: Tata Sky packages

Tata Sky is by far one of the largest DTH service providers in the country. After the Trai mandate, however, the operator has postponed the registration of new channel packages and new prices. However, it is safe to say that Tata Sky has done a commendable job of introducing a smooth migration process for subscribers. Following the mandate, Tata Sky has also released tons of HD and SD packages for subscribers in regional languages. There are also mini packages in the wallet. Combined with a simple application and a web-based migration process, Tata Sky was able to track the list of preferences of many subscribers. With 65 exclusive channels, the operator keeps its competitors ahead.


It should be noted that D2h was the first operator to respond after the release of the Trai mandate in October. The operator quickly launched the migration process ahead of the others, expecting the subscriber to be added to its existing base by then. Later, the operator introduced many combined plans and supplemented them with additional packages in SD and HD as well as many packages in regional languages. Recently, D2h has also released information on additional connections indicating that subscribers can benefit by paying only Rs 50 as NCF.

However, D2h's subscribers are facing many issues related to multiple channels. Most consumers still can not contact the company's toll-free number to answer their questions.

Dish tv new connection offers: Dish TV also offers consumers similar offers as it also operates D2h TV.

Airtel Digital TV

The DTH Wing by Bharti Airtel also has an impressive number of over 15 million subscribers in the country. After the Trai mandate, the operator has introduced many channel plans for its subscribers. To make the process more efficient, Airtel Digital TV also allows subscribers to select their new channels only through the decoder. The operator has also launched a large number of regional channel packages, but Trai has put Airtel Digital TV in the limelight so far, after some Airtel Digital subscribers complained about missing transmitters and screens, though the problem was resolved quickly.

Sun Direct TV

Sun Direct is a leading provider of DTH in the south of the country, and it can be said with confidence that its supplier does not intend to have an extensive network in the north of the country, but a strong bastion in southern India. By eliminating the additional total panel NCF fees, Sun Direct has become an attractive option for many subscribers. In line with other DTH service providers, Sun Direct has introduced new channel plans, regional channels and additional packages in HD, SD.

Final judgment

After weeks of monitoring the development of the DTH sector, we found that Tata Sky was able to satisfy subscribers in large volumes in terms of channel count, channel bundles, ease of migration, and customer service. , Quality. The vendor has also made a similar offer for Sun Direct by omitting NCF features on some channels. However, it should be noted that DTH vendors begin the migration process over the course of the day, and we expect the new TRAI plans and customer service to change. Improvement for all SRD companies in the coming weeks. , Tell us about your experience with your DTH provider in the comments below.
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