DD Free Dish Will Hold 39th E-auction For MPEG 4 Slots on 27 March, Full List

DD free dish new channel coming soon list. Doordarshan DD Free Dish will hold its 39th electronic auction on March 27, 2019, to fill vacant slots within MPEG-4 TV slots on its free FTA DTH platform. DD will also stay away from religious and devotional channels. Religious channels claimed to have a high audience and a large audience among the masses.

To avoid controversy, the Doordarshan decided to stay away from religious and devotional channels. For a long time, the spiritual chains, including that of Baba Ramdev, searched for space at the auction of DD Free Dish. The government has decided to keep a safe distance from these religious and spiritual channels, as this would open up a flood of candidates for other religions.

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In the current classification, no separate slots are available to them. Under current regulations, the religious and spiritual chains generally have to compete with the entertainment channels to get a seat on the DD Free Dish platform. The dice available in the free DD bowl are Hindi home shopping channels, Hindi movie channels, news channels, current affairs and languages. Incidentally, religious, spiritual and religious channels are a common feature of other DTH platforms.

Prasar Bharati, Executive Director of Shashi Shekhar Vempati, said, "We have noted several requests, and I would like to point out that the process of the auction is ongoing, the auction for MPEG4 slots being informed for the first time in two Days."

Religious channels claimed to have a high audience and a large audience among the masses. If they had been broadcast on the satellite platform of the public broadcaster, the channels would have helped to monopolize a large market of viewers. However, Prasar Bharati is believed to have been forced to avoid the formation of a group of diverse religious and spiritual chains due to a possible controversy over the possibility of authorizing certain religious chains within the public service chain.

This is despite the fact that the Narendra Modi government was passed last October (accepting the long-awaited request of some gurus and religious leaders) and conceding a concession to the spiritual and religious chains by abolishing the charges for the uplink and downlink, The exemption from the processing fees for these information channels and the transmission of the Union for those channels was exempted on the basis of their request for their contribution to the cultural and social cause of the nation. "

 It is now clear that we can see some dd free dish HD channel list on dd Free dish as the MPEG 4 slots will be taken by private TV channels.
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