First 8K Streaming Service: Rakuten TV plans to offer 8K video this Year

8K TV release date: The first 8K TV video streaming service has been announced, and that's not what you think. Just when I thought that 4K technology would be as detailed as television technology for the next few years, Rakuten TV's video platform announced it was launching the world's first 8K streaming platform by the end of the year.

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First 8K Streaming Service: Rakuten TV

The revelation came during an interview that Variety conducted with Jacinto Roca, the founder and CEO of the relatively new Spanish video-on-demand service. At the end of a discussion about how Rakuten TV (formerly Wuaki until its acquisition by Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten) was expanded to more than 30 new European territories, Roca added: "This is a project we are working on: Big Content Producers and Providers: In order for 8K format movies to be available, we will try to reach this project in the second half of this year. "

Prior to Roca's comment, most industry experts had assumed that the widespread content of 8K would probably not matter for years, and many of them (in my opinion, unwise) use this assumption to reject the Internet idea that 8K TVs will be revealed , , , However, provided that Rakuten fulfils its promises, the industry of the audiovisual industry will once again see the huge appetite for competition, which it must constantly undertake to use television technology.

The projects of Rakuten 8K are also attracting attention from TV producers: "If you build it, they will come" because the release of next-generation display hardware is generally supported very quickly. The software industry used to be technologically conservative,

Samsung is already in the second generation of 8K TVs, while Sony will launch a pair of 8K TVs in the coming months. LG will launch OLED and 8K LCD TVs later this year.

Before everyone (or maybe just me!) Got too excited about Roca's comments on 8K, it's interesting to know that it's hard to imagine Rakuten TV being able to produce so many movies in the moment 8K (unless you start climbing.)) Finally, films that use 8K masters are currently very rare.

There is an 8K version of 2001: a space odyssey (which was used to open the NHK 8K transmission service in Japan), and I'm pretty sure an 8K teacher from Lawrence of Arabia played the remasterer to him distribute in 4K format.

Meanwhile, Mortal Engines was shot mostly in 8K but only got a 4K digital mediator. Captain Marvel is also working for 8K, but I have not heard of the last 8K domain for this title yet.

Apart from the lack of actual 8K movie content, when Rakuten TV's 8K service actually launches this year, its 8K titles are likely to cost more, possibly much more, than the current cost of Rakuten TV's 4K films. Since the service for 4K transmissions already costs more than for HD, a resolution-based pricing structure has already been defined.

Keep in mind that although Rakuten TV has the ambition to engage with Netflix and Amazon Prime in video broadcasting, it is currently the smallest and youngest kid in the group.

Although it has only greatly expanded its activities in Europe, it is not currently active in the United States. So making stunning statements like Roca's in 8K is more of a "research exercise" than a real indication of a true 8K intent. Especially at a time when Roca undoubtedly knows that his rival Netflix has already shot at least one show, Lost In Space, in 8K, he might consider starting his own 8K subscription.

We also do not know what broadband speed it takes to get an effective transmission of Rakuten TV 8K, though, to quote Cameron Poe in Con Air, "my first hypothesis would be ... a lot."

There are also concerns about the compatibility of the Rakuten TV 8K transmission/compression format with the first 8K televisions. For example, this type of problem prevents YouTube's current 8K videos from playing on Samsung's 8K TVs.

However, Roca claims that "we work with leading manufacturers and content providers," which seems promising at least. Although he mentioned the Variety interview with Samsung, it can be said that Roca's claims about 8K seem to have surprised the Korean TV brand.

Although the launch date of Rakuten TV before the launch of 2020 before the start of 2020 is finally ambitious and/or its 8K content is initially low, Roca's statement is the industry's most important audiovisual test. the AV world much sooner than you imagined.
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