it's showtime: Apple to Announce its New Apple TV Service on March 25

It's showtime: Apple confirms that the March 25 event is expected to announce a new TV service. Apple officially announced the organization of an event on March 25, which is expected to announce the new Apple TV service and subscription to Apple News.

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it's showtime Apple TV

As usual, the invitation is not very busy, but the animated GIF of the countdown and the label "It's Showtime" seem to indicate that the new TV service will play an important role. Rumours about an event in late March started last month, showing that the company would focus exclusively on TV services. However, it is still possible that we will see announcements in advance for the renewal of AirPods, a new entry-level iPad, and the AirPower wireless charging platform, which are far behind schedule.

This is not the first time that Apple has used this slogan for an event: the company first used it in September 2006 and announced that it will be offering films on iTunes, with the first revelation of the iTV (which was released on iTunes) This was certainly a reasonable advance for the next event, and as in 2006, we were able to rebuild Apple's media offering for its devices.

In addition to the television service, which is expected to appear in the spring of this year, Apple should also remove the packaging of the Apple News subscription service. Apparently, the Apple News service will try to offer a Netflix-style magazine for magazines and subscription journals in a convenient location. A first report by the Wall Street Journal showed that Apple had trade issues and apparently demanded 50% of the service's revenue.
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