Spotify Hulu Bundle becomes Cheaper, Now Get TV package of $9.99 per month

Spotify Premium subscribers now get Hulu for free. Hulu and Spotify offer an even stiffer TV package of $9.99 per month. Hulu and Spotify announced today that they have extended their low-cost streaming TV plan with the partnership, which has dropped Hulu's advertising service price. As of today, Spotify Premium subscribers can add a free subscription to Hulu in addition to their $9.99 streaming music package a month. In other words, for the same price you currently pay for Spotify Premium, you can now choose Hulu.

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Spotify premium hulu

The agreement is open to new subscribers and current US subscribers. UU., Including those who have already used the $ 12.99 package per month last year, says Hulu.

New subscribers can receive Hulu's first month as part of a trial period for free before the $9.99 package begins. In the meantime, existing Spotify Premium subscribers can add Hulu by visiting the service page of their Spotify account and enabling the plan with Hulu advertising in their account.

Both companies have been working together since 2017, recognizing the potential to make their services available as an affordable subscription.

Initially, Spotify and Hulu offered students a discount package that reduced the cost of both services to $4.99 at the same price as the Spotify student plan. Last year, Spotify upgraded the student package to Showtime, launching a $12.99 monthly savings package for all other users. (Promotional subscribers automatically switch to the new, cheaper fare).

Lately, Hulu has focused on lowering the cost of boarding and advertising for everyone. In January, he lowered his price to $6 a month and simultaneously raised the price of his live TV add-on. The idea here is that the ad-supported version of Hulu can serve as a loss leader for the most expensive packages, including ad-free services and the increasingly popular live TV package, which includes a recorder in the cloud and access to local channels.

Ads, a growing streaming activity, now reach more than 25 million subscribers, including their live TV service, and generate $1.5 billion in advertising revenue by the end of 2018 Increase live TV: According to a Bloomberg Report released this month, Hulu's live TV service has reached 2 million users, adding hundreds of thousands of new users per quarter. Hulu expects to attract more new users if existing updates for available updates can be provided. Here is also this Spotify package included.

Hulu states that this offer will be available to new and existing Spotify customers by June 10, 2019, or "while supplies last." This means that the number of packages sold as part of this promotion is limited.

It should also be noted that the joint announcement will be announced a few days before Apple's big "special event" on March 25, which is likely to feature its own video streaming service for the first time, Some reports say Apple could sell its service as a package with Apple Music. Spotify and the preventive Hulu movement seem to give more weight to these rumours. Both companies seem to question what Apple is announcing with an almost simple alternative: Spotify with free Hulu.

In fact, this new package does not mean that Hulu offers its service for free, so consumers feel. In fact, this is an agreement on revenue sharing between Hulu and Spotify that benefits the user acquisition efforts of both parties. And they both opt for the price effect as part of this deal.

As part of their collaboration, Hulu is also promoting some of their original Spotify programs with official playlists for The Handmaid's Tale and Pen15.
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