Android TV Box: Best Cheap Android TV Box Jetstream Ultra HD 4k Box Review

4k box: best cheap android tv box. Review of the Android 4K Ultra HD TV Box by Jetstream. For TV lovers nothing better for television than a TV experience on Android. That's not because we're an Android site trying to evangelize the platform. This is because it lends itself to the way we consume content in 2019.

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Jetstream Ultra HD 4k Box Review

Ematics Ultra HD 4K Jetstream TV Case for Android is a cost-effective way to turn your stupid TV into a smart TV. Or, as we can see, you can use the case to get rid of the ugly interface and experience of your current smart TV.

Sold at just $69 in Walmart, it's in the same room as Roku, the Firestick.

In terms of input and output, the Jetstream offers a pair of USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI out, optical audio out, and an AV port. There is also a microSD card slot for local media playback and/or memory expansion.

Internally, the decoder has 8 GB of storage space and uses the energy of a quad-core processor. With support for Dolby Audio and 4K Ultra HD, today you have just about everything you need on a TV.

Given the low cost of Ematic Jetstream, we thought that was the case. We're happy to let you know that this device is really great and feels polite. Our first indication that everything was going to be alright was the dedicated Google Assistant button.

The Jetstream Decoder Remote has a built-in microphone for voice search and keyboard shortcuts for Play Store, Netflix and YouTube. A set of batteries and an HDMI cable are also included.

We've found Jetstream to be incredibly easy to configure and configure. It took longer for us to sign in to our various streaming service accounts instead of connecting and starting.

This is something we can recommend to people, even if they already have a Smart TV. In terms of interfaces, intelligence and comfort, Android TV is the answer. Jetstream is an affordable way to gain this experience.

In terms of performance, the jetstream works as expected. The remote control is excellent, responsive and intuitive. We can switch from one application to another without stuttering or delay. It's as easy to work and manage as NVIDIA SHIELD, but without the $ 70 aspect of Walmart.


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