TRAI STB interoperability: Now Change DTH TV Service Providers Without Changing Set-top-Box

Now change the DTH operator and TV service providers like you change the SIM: A single DTH set-top-box for all DTH/cable TV service (dish cable). TRAI President RS Sharma announced that in December 2019, the interoperability of cable and DTH (pan-Indian) satellite services will be implemented.

Once this happens, users can easily change the cable and DTH operator without having to buy a new decoder (Set-top-box).

"TRAI is expected to begin with the transfer of subscribers to new distribution platform operators (DPOs), and we will probably launch the new portability system in December of this year."

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Now choose best tv service provider without changing stb

Switching the DTH or cable operator is currently a big issue as the subscriber must buy a new decoder each time and they have to install the new company dish and set-top-box and remove the previous one.

It rarely happens that the old DTH or the cable operator buys the previous decoder and often becomes garbage.

But not anymore. How will it work?

TRAI reportedly wants to create a common infrastructure and platform for all decoders that will make them universal. Currently, each dish cable company and each DTH uses its own decoder based on different technologies, which makes it difficult for the subscriber to change it.

Under the new system, critical details about the subscriber and the cable TV/DTH operator on a chip or smart card, e.g. As a SIM card in a mobile phone stored.

If the subscriber wants to change service, it is sufficient to change that chip in the same decoder.

This makes it easy to access all DTH or cable services with a single decoder.

DTH / cable portability frame: In 2017, TRAI released a DTH portability framework for all DTH and cable companies.

Under this heading, Telecommunications Services (Broadcasting and Cabling), 2015 (2 of 2015), "All dish cable and DTH companies required a technical form to enable subscribers to easily switch TV service providers.

However, technical challenges have arisen since more than 80 million DTH and cable users use proprietary decoders only for a particular cable and DTH operator.

As part of the announced framework, every DTH and cable tv service providers must now allow their subscribers to choose their own set-top box, unlike the current scenario in which the user imposes himself no option

TRAI approves interoperability: Modify your DTH service without changing the configuration box. If a viewer wants to change cable TV or DTH on the new interoperable decoders, he can only change the SIM card of his decoder.

Currently, viewers need to buy an STB if they want to change the TV service providers, which will invest more money. This often prevents the subscriber from switching to another operator, even if there are problems with the TV service providers.

As soon as the new rule has been implemented, consumers save money because, like a mobile phone, they only need to change the SIM card of their dish cable STB. By making it feasible for customers, TRAI has avoided the complication process of changes. A customer just has to send a text message and fill in an application form.

To learn more about dish cable STB's Interporabilidad of TV service providers, please visit this website. We will keep you updated as more details become available.
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