Project Free TV, With Locast Now Watch Local TV Online Free Streaming

How to get local channels without antenna. There is a solution now with project free TV, Locast watch local TV online free streaming. The free Locast TV service launched in Los Angeles, San Francisco. Locast, a free streaming service that allows access to local TV channels, has launched its service in two new markets: Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The company has announced it will broadcast more than 40 channels in the markets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Earlier this year, Locast added Washington, DC, and Baltimore to its list of existing service markets, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, and Philadelphia.

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Project Free TV, Free local TV With Locast

"We went west and we could not be happier reaching the Pacific," said David Goodfriend, founder of Locast, in a statement. "Now anyone in Los Angeles or San Francisco can receive news, weather information, emergency information or sports programs from their local TV channels free to air without paying a service charge - cable TV, satellite TV or OTT."

Locast charges no fees for its service, but asks for donations to finance further expansion into new markets.

"We hope to launch project free TV, 2019 in many other 20 key markets," said Goodfriend. "Our biggest hurdle is financing, so we're asking users to pay only $5 a month." If everyone gave only $5 a month, Locast would be fully sustainable and could reach 210 stores. "

Locast was launched in January 2018 and broadcasts high-speed local channel transmission channels to anyone with an Internet connection in the corresponding Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA). The company operates under a copyright law that allows non-profit translators to resend local broadcasters without obtaining a writer's license.

Locast project free TV Scorecard: over 250,000 registered persons, 0 requests

Locast, a new company providing access to local TV channels in a growing number of markets, continues to be successful, while others, such as Aereo and Ivi, crashed and burned.

It is still too early, but Locast seems to have found a way to transfer access to these channels without having to resort to the loud hammer of powerful American channels.

Locast's focus on local television broadcasting depends on its position as a nonprofit organization supported by donations that are expected to be sufficient to keep the service up and running. In his frequently asked questions, Locast claims to have done his homework in this area, noting that copyright allows him to charge a "nominal fee" to cover "actual and reasonable costs" providing a digital translation service.

Locast provides television programs by first accessing the local channels signal, transcoding it to a server, and then transmitting it to a content delivery network within a local DMA. Geolocation ensures that only consumers in this local market can access TV channels in a particular market.

Update: According to the Locast Markets site, the company has introduced services this week in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Pay-TV partnership

While a service like Locast looks attractive to cable cutters and cable-trafficked people, they see local television on a variety of mobile devices and are not connected to television or have access to it. Locast sends a strong signal through the air and pulls Attention pay-TV providers on themselves.

For example, AT & T recently announced the inclusion of the Locast app in its DirecTV and U-Verse platforms, a follow-up agreement with Dish Network (Goodfriend has confirmed that Dish does not) an investor from Locast). The Locast option could give pay-TV providers a valuable edge in negotiating retransmission contracts with broadcasters.

According to Goodfriend, Locast had contacted a number of cable and other pay-TV providers to integrate this service. "We want Locast project free TV to be available to everyone, everywhere and on all application platforms," ​​he said.