Download Philo TV apk: Philo Best Streaming TV Service Now On Android

Philo brings his $20 TV service to Android. Philo, the best Streaming TV service with a monthly price of 20 US dollars, now available on Android devices.

Previously only available to iOS platform, TV platforms and web browsers, the company announced on Wednesday that it added a native application for Android. The new app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Amazon Fire tablets store.

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Philo Best Streaming TV Service Now On Android

Like AT&T Watch TV and Sling TV, Philo offers a limited number of cable TV channels at a fraction of the price of larger packages such as YouTube TV, DirecTV Now and Hulu with live TV. Although the service offers a large number of Viacom channels such as BET, MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central as well as AMC and Food Network, there are no AT&T Turner channels like CNN or TNT or Comcast, as in the United States. Also UU or CNBC and ESPN, FX or Disney Channels are not available so far. The best streaming service also has no ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox broadcast channels.

For those who do not need these channels, Philo offers an unlimited digital video recorder and the ability to simultaneously view up to three devices at a monthly price of $20.

Despite a modest price hike in April, Philos live TV service remains one of the cheapest options on the market, having strategically decided not to play sports. In this way, you can cut costs while providing an option for cable cutters who primarily want to access traditional cable TV networks that focus on entertainment, news, movies, kids, and other lifestyle content. So far, however, Philo has served only a small portion of its user base: Now it offers the TV service to Android users. This changes with the official launch of a native application for Android.

Previously, Android users could access Philo only through a mobile web browser, while iOS users had their own dedicated application.

The new Android app will generally be comparable to the iOS experience, even if the design is slightly different. Although iOS has Start, Live, Saved, Search, and Settings navigation buttons, the Android version changes slightly. Instead, the Start navigation, Guide, Saved, Search, and User Profile buttons appear.

Philo users can choose to watch live TV or save programs on up to three devices for later viewing. The company has recently lowered its tiered pricing to combine packages with a single option of $20 per month with 58 channels.

In addition to the native Android app, Philo today released an application for Amazon's Fire tablets.

These new applications complement the existing Philo applications for the Web (Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox). TV (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku); and iOS.

The company does not announce its subscriber numbers, but its application is lagging behind the competition. Today, the iOS version, according to the app Annie 153 ranked in the entertainment category of the App Store. This is behind the live TV services YouTube TV (# 22), Sling TV (# 68) and # 2 Hulu, though the latter is rated best for its most popular on-demand product and not for its Live TV Sensor Tower Service. notes that Philo has been downloaded nearly 500,000 times on iOS and grew 181% (or 2.8 times) over the previous month over the past month.

Nevertheless, Philo had lost many potential customers until now. Now available on multiple platforms, it may be more appealing to customers with multiple devices, as well as those on a budget with cheaper Android smartphones.

The Philo Android tv apps free download on Google Play.