is YouTube TV worth it? Best Streaming Service YouTube TV review

Best Streaming Service YouTube TV review: is youtube tv worth it? It's a best cable TV alternative, but not for budget hunters anymore. YouTube TV provides a great live broadcast viewing experience with a good selection of channels but does not allow cable cutters to save much more than a standard cable.

YouTube TV is no doubt one of the best live streaming TV experiences you can buy. The user interface is easy to use, agile and fast on different devices and supports up to six profiles of family members separately. Your cloud-based DVR is the best on the market, with unlimited storage and nearly all the features of a hardware DVR like TiVo. The channel selection is first-rate, with many cable television stalls and the coverage of the four local networks (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC) in most of the country's markets.

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Best Streaming Service YouTube TV review

YouTube TV cost $50, you may not save much money than cable TV.

What you get with YouTube TV

YouTube TV is completely independent of YouTube, the free video service with more than two billion users per month. YouTube TV offers a similar experience to cable TV with various devices like Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, many smart TVs, phones, tablets and web browsers. Amazon Fire TV is the only major streaming platform without a YouTube TV app. Youtube tv on firestick will arrive soon.  Amazon Fire TV will receive YouTube and YouTube TV apps later this year.

The service works just like the other live streaming services: There are a program guide, a DVR and dozens of channels. But what sets YouTube TV apart from other premium services (over $40 / month) like DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV and Fubo TV?

The selection of YouTube TV channels is excellent. We have more of our 100 main channels than any other competitor. I've said it before, but more channels do not mean better: some services like Fubo are heavily dependent on the sport while others are more extensive.

Like Hulu, YouTube TV does not offer complementary channel offerings, though it does offer single-channel add-ons such as Showtime and Epix. Significantly, HBO is not offered, though now that we're in a post-game of Thrones world, it may not be that important anymore. Of course, you can also stream HBO from another location, such as: From the HBO Now app, the Apple TV app, or from Amazon Prime Video Channels.

YouTube live TV: How to use?

The YouTube live TV interface is pretty simple. There are three top-level tabs that are divided into Library, Private, and Live. The library contains your DVR content. The house is where the miniatures appear, live and live. The Live tab is a familiar program guide that shows the programs you are playing and currently playing. Users can search from the top of each page, making direct access to the content they want relatively easy.

The DVR works very well and offers the ability to quickly scroll through the recordings, even if they are not finished yet. The Roku interface offers a standard 15-second jump, while the Apple TV control is even better. The touchpad is a great way to scroll through the content: it's fun, and thumbnails make it easy to customize the part you want.

In contrast, YouTube TV replaces DVR content with the on-demand version, if available. You can not ignore the ads displayed in the programs. Also, the YouTube TV DVR is not really unlimited, as there is still a time limit, although at 9 months it is much longer than the 30 days of most competitors.

YouTube TV cost: Will YouTube TV really save your bill?

YouTube Live TV had a much better value of $40, but the $50 monthly fee makes saving significantly more expensive than cable. If you pay only about $50 for internet service, the total amount is $100 per month. Many cable network operators offer you a TV + Internet package for about the same price.

Prices vary, of course, and you probably have to pay for loaners, taxes, and other fees for cables. And cable operators usually reserve the best-fixed price for people signing a contract. YouTube TV (and other streaming services) do not have a contract. You can cancel them at any time and use other advantages over the cable. For example, it's easier to see content on phones and tablets. But with $50 a month, you'll have to pay a relatively expensive cable bill to make significant savings with YouTube TV.

is YouTube TV worth it? Should you get it?

If you do not bother with youtube tv cost then YouTube TV can become your favourite live streaming services, but the value proposition will be difficult for many people. If you do not want to be in debt at a traditional cable company and want to get a cheap broadband internet package, YouTube TV is very attractive. However, for serious cable cutters on a budget, an option like AT&T Watch TV or Sling TV is the better option, especially when combined with an antenna.
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