Shaw Satellite TV, Shaw Direct Offers unlimited Internet and channel Package For COVID-19

Shaw Satellite TV, Shaw direct opens the web service in response to COVID-19. The movements include additional new shaw direct channels like news channels and family entertainment channels. Shaw Communications opens its services to all Canadians to better inform them of the COVID-19 situation.

Paul McAleese, the new president of Shaw Communications Inc., made a statement on the shaw direct company's decision, saying that the company is making its Shaw Go WiFi, Canada's largest WiFi network, available to everyone, regardless of whether they are customers or not. He added that Shaw direct has no data restrictions on the Internet, meaning that people have no data restrictions when they need to work from home,  communicate with loved ones or to watch shaw satellite packages and shaw satellite channels.

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Shaw satellite TV, Shaw direct

“We monitor COVID-19 closely because the health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. The crisis caused by the virus spreading threat has also shown how much we all depend on our connectivity, whether we want to stay connected at work, connect with friends and family, or keep ours informed and for entertaining families".

In addition, all Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers now have access to several free preview channels and Shaw satellite packages. To provide updated information, the company includes the CBC news channel, the CTV news channel, CP24, LCN and RDI (depending on availability) as well as children's channels such as Family, Family JR, CHRGD and Treehouse TV.

McAleese said the company recently invested in its FibrePlus network, which puts it one step ahead of North American cable operators in terms of broadband capacity.

"As a result, we are confident that we are in an excellent position to manage the increase in network usage, particularly in our main markets where we expect the greatest growth," he said.

At the corporate level, Shaw has a plan to adapt to the situation. This includes isolating employees for 14 days who are not feeling well, who are suspected of being exposed to the virus, or who have recently travelled more than 24 hours outside of Canada. The company also improves cleaning and disinfection protocols in all Shaw offices and retail stores and provides frontline technicians and agents with the latest health and safety products.

Currently, all retail stores continue to work with a full staff, but Shaw also encourages all customers who need support but are unable or unwilling to visit they can call on Shaw direct satellite phone number, use social media platforms or the MyShaw app, to get in touch. to get the service or support for any kind of query about Shaw satellite TV, Shaw Direct, shaw satellite, Shaw direct TV, Shaw direct satellite, Shaw direct channels, Shaw satellite packages, shaw satellite channels etc