Sling TV Free Happy Hour to Watch over 50 Live Sling TV Channels Every Night

SLING TV FREE "HAPPY HOUR" TO WATCH LIVE TV EVERY NIGHT. Many of us are looking for new ways to pass the time when we enter the almost two-month refuge to stop the spread of COVID-19. Although Netflix, Hulu, and the plethora of other streaming services seem to see unlimited content, there is something about the ability to watch live TV that many people have given up on large cable bills.

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Sling TV  Free Happy Hour to Watch over 50 Live TV

SLING TV, a live TV service for those who don't want to commit to a full cable package, offers what they call "Happy Hour Across America" ​​with free access to over 50 live channels from 5pm every evening until midnight ET.

The service generally costs $30 a month for free access under the SLING Blue plan, although service plans start at $20 a month for the most basic plan. With this offer, the service is completely free. And no, it's not too good to be true.

Sign up for Sling TV free happy hour party to get free access to over 50 live channels.

"Happy Hour Across America" ​​is the newest part of SLING TV's "Stay in & SLING" initiative that helps people stay safe, informed, and entertained while at home and practice social distancing. SLING found that the consumption of television news on SLING TV free increased by 164% in the course of the COVID 19 crisis.

In addition to accessing channels such as A&E, AMC, Bravo, CNN, E !, FOX News, FX, HGTV, HLN, MSNBC, TLC and more, "Happy Hour Across America" ​​offers a free cloud DVR and more than 50,000 titles on request and enables simultaneous display on three screens. In addition to the obvious price difference when registering for SLING compared to a conventional cable plan, no equipment is required or is waiting for the decoder to arrive. And since so many programs can be accessed on their original broadcast date, there is no risk of spoiler warnings on social networks.

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