Satellite TV News: UAE Cracked Down on illegal Satellite TV Antennas on Roofs

 United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi has cracked down on illegal satellite TV antennas on roofs and balconies of people using illegal satellite TV services. The Abu Dhabi city council has launched a campaign to crack down on people installing illegal satellite TV antennas on the roofs of buildings in the Musaffah industrial area outside the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Satellite TV Antennas on Roofs
Satellite TV Antennas on Roofs

Authorities have launched an aggressive social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining the appearance of Abu Dhabi by limiting the number of satellite dishes in homes, buildings, warehouses, and other residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

Citizens' rules allow a building to have a maximum of four antennas, and these must provide the rest of the TV connections to satellite television subscribers.

Residents were also told not to put dishes on their balconies as this is considered a criminal offense.

The latest awareness campaign is aimed at satellite dish owners, investors, and community members in industrial and residential areas to preserve the aesthetic appearance of Abu Dhabi.

The campaign will be spread on various social media platforms. Authorities urged residents to comply with regulations introduced in 2015, which resulted in a total ban on illegal satellite dishes.

Anyone breaking the rule faces a fine of 2,000 dirhams and criminal prosecution, they added.