Xiaomi to Launch New Best 4K QLED TV in India

Xiaomi2B4K2BQLED2BTV2Bin2BIndia Xiaomi to Launch New Best 4K QLED TV in India

 Xiaomi will launch a new 4K QLED TV in India next week. The new Xiaomi Mi QLED 4K TV will support HDR + (High Dynamic Range Plus), Dolby Vision and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR).

With Christmas just a few weeks away, major consumer electronics company Xiaomi has announced that it is bringing a new flagship smart TV to India. The company has confirmed that it will showcase the flagship Mi QLED TV 4K on December 16. The next home entertainment device will be significantly better than the current Mi TV series, which includes basic LED panels.

Xiaomi 4K QLED TV


The new smart TV would be equipped with high-end LED panels based on Quantum Dot technology and high-fidelity speakers, which promise an impressive viewing experience with natural colours and almost precise audio output.


Xiaomi teased the launch of its QLED TV in India. The Mi QLED TV 4K is due to hit the market in India on December 16. The announcement of the launch comes shortly after Xiaomi announced a new event with the slogan “Quantum Leaps Ahead”.


Xiaomi has not shared any details about its QLED TV other than a small teaser video with little to extract. Some reports suggest that the new QLED TV will be available on the China-renamed Mi TV 5 or Mi TV 5 Pro. However, Xiaomi has confirmed to Sattv that it will not bring any product already available in China to India.

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